Traffic : Forum

All of us is well known to the term "Forum". This is nothing but an online community.

Now a question may arise that why I need to use a Forum or the online community!

Yes! Some causes might be responsible for it. Here some causes are noted like the below-
  1. Acquiring a wide variety of knowledge on known and unknown topics.
  2. Creating an online community necessary for you to earn money online.
  3. Advertising you site for increasing traffic.
  4. Quickly indexed by Search Engine spider.
  5. Increasing PR.
Now, telling more about it.
Generally a forum includes some categories around its theme. So there are thousands of visitors everyday who will post thread and do some posting against each thread. So you can check out lots of threads about what you don't know actually or you have some confusions actually. Again you can ask some questions which you don't know fully as a thread. Of course you will get the answers from there. Again sometimes you have some ideas that you want to share with some people then you can share it as a thread too.

After some days through your nice posting and excellent thread you will get familiarized with the other regular members of the forum. And then all of them are your friends now. You can start now start something anew now. You can work as a community now. It will obviously increase your comfort to earn online.

When writing your post or thread there will sometimes appear a option name "Signature". You can attach a link into your signature. And of course your site address. To do this you can go to the setting option of the forum and edit signature. Some forums follow the rules that you need to post a particular number of posting before editing your signature. Again some forums do not support attaching link with the signature at all. So doing that just check out the rules of the forum you have signed up.

Generally forums have high page rank and indexed well by search engines. So when you will write a nice thread or posting into the forum search engines will indexed your thread also.

Luckily if you can include your site address into a forum thread or posting in a high pang ranked forum your site page rank will also be increased. And if the forum supports do follow link then your site page rank will develop within days.

So there is no doubt that forum are also a vital part of online earning. Participate in different forums and widen your knowledge and ways of earning money online.

How the Site Content Should be

It is well known to us that Google is in the best positing of world’s top search engines. And right now it is a big challenge for Google to remain in the first place for the next years.

Now, think that you want to make a search in Google using the words “Body Language”. There come billions of pages on body language as well. Generally you will go through the first 10 pages of the search result. Suppose you visit three sites from the search result of Google Search Engine and could not find the exact thing that you are asking for or could not get the answers fully that you want. In the time, you will have a bad impression on the search result. And you have some questions in your mind about the search result quality of Google.

Google also knows the position of its customers like your thinking. That’s why Google wants that the websites should be under some rules or some criteria which must have to maintain to appear in the front position of it’s search result. These sites have to maintain some extra quality, some nice content, and something interesting to the visitors.

So now if you want to make your site in the front position in the Google search result you also have to maintain those criteria, those qualities. Just like same reason, when you are asking for the approval of the advertising program of Google known as Google Adsense you need to maintain some quality to develop your site and its content. Here are some basic criteria that you need to follow-

1. Enough Content :

Google will not publish its ads where there is no content at all and also where there is not enough content. So try to write at least 10 pages or more as you can of content writing.

2. Copyscape Passed :

Google will not approve the content which is copied from some other sites. So try to write from your own. Don’t try to copy from some other sites. Just assume that Google has some high class technologies to verify your writing whether it is copied or unique.

3. Without spelling or grammatical Error :

If there are some spelling or grammatical error in your writing, this content should not be approved by Google. Because it will decrease her reputation when it comes in the search engine or when it will show Google Ads. So try to write without any spelling or grammatical mistake.

4. Interesting Writing :

Try to make your content interesting to the visitors. It will make the visitors back to your site again and again and you know that it will also increase the probability to click on Google Ads. Taking the visitors of your site back is an important way to increase your Adsense income also.

5. Ability to sell :

Try to write the content which has the ability to sell in the international market which means in online marketing. The writings should have some major criteria like rhythmic, informative and diversity of topic.

6. When Blogging :

When you are using a blog, try to write post shortly but not too short, lengthy but not too long. It should be around 450-550 words and should include the keywords 3-5 times.

7. Density of Keywords :

Try to write your content with a density of keywords for some reasons. It will help you to get a higher position in search result. Again it will help the visitors to catch your writing within a short time. Because visitors only roll their eyes through your site content. Nothing else!

8. External And Internal Links :

Try to make lots of external links as well as internal links. External links will help your visitors to know more about your contents. Internal links will make some realization that you have a huge and rich content in your site.

Construction of Your Site Page

Some unordered system of constructing a page should not be approved because it will not be informative and does not have the character of rhythmic. So you must have to maintain some rules when constructing your site page. Here are some basics about it-

Site Creator Information :
Every site should have the information of its creator. If possible it should be given in every page. It includes phone number, mobile number, email address, fax number, other site address and so on, so that the visitors are always in touch with the creator.

Under Construction Page :
The page which has the content like under construction should be removed from the site. Because the page does not have any value to the visitors. At the same time it decreases the quality of the site to the search engine as well as visitors.

Site Loads :
Site loads are generally means that background sound, autoplay music, autoplay video, high resolution pictures, lots of gadgets etc. If it needs a long time to load your site visitor will be decreased to your site and receive low class rating to the search engine.

Briefly Writing :
Your text writing should be brief and short but informative. It should be brief because more than 75% visitors will not read your site content thoroughly. They just roll their eyes through your content called scanning.

Key Point :
Write your text in such a way that the key point of your writing are easily caught when someone starts reading your text content. Again if it not and the content is huge they are not dare to read it anymore.

Site Color :
The color of your site should not be like something absurd. It should be good, formal and decent. Generally the link colors are blue. Visited links are dark blue or purple colored. Active links are generally in red colors.

Major Page Link :
The links of major pages of the sites should be given in every pages of the site. It will increase the reputation of the site.

Only First Page :
Don’t think like that all the visitors will come into your first page. Because search engine may index any pages of your site form first to last. So emphasize on every pages of your site.

3 Clicks :
Make sure that a visitor can go to every page of your site within three click highest. It will be good if only in one click to anywhere in your site.

Sitemap :
Sitemap tells about the whole map of your site. So use sitemap in your site. It will help to index your site by search engine easily. It also helps the visitors to know each and every content of your site easily like where to go to get the content.

Internal Search Tool :
In a site use of internal search tool plays a vital roll to help visitors to go through the content and pages of your site easily and comfortably. Try to use a internal search tool.

How to get Adsense Code

You can get your Adsense Code from your Adsense Account. It's easy and you can do it if you don't have any knowledge on HTML or some other languages. Just follow some easy steps like following-
  • Check out all the Adsense Tabs and find the tab named "Adsense Setup".

  • You will get four options here. They are like Adsense for content, Adsense for search, Adsense for feeds, Adsense for domains.
  • Click on "Adsense for content".
  • Then click to "Continue".

  • Now in the format option select which formatted Ads you want to display in your site. Horizontal or vertical or some other else.
  • After that pick the colors of all of the options like boarder color, title color, background color, text color, url color etc.
  • Now click "Continue".

  • There comes the following types of page.
  • Click on "Add new channel" option.
  • Now click on "Continue".

  • Name the unit of Adsense you have just created.
  • And finally click on "Submit and Get Code".

  • There comes a page like the above one.
  • Now your task is to copy the codes and paste it to your site.
  • Within 10 minutes your Ads will be visible.
  • Copy the codes in the body tags of your HTML page code.

How to get banned from Adsense

Google places a very strong emphasis on the quality and relevancy of their search result because they know that in order keep the first place as a search engine they must have to maintain the searched site quality. There is no doubt that today Google is providing the biggest, most well known and the most trusted Adsense program through out the world. When you are using this Google Adsense service you must have to maintain some hard and fast rules. Otherwise your Adsense will be banned anytime by Google. without any previous notice That's why, now it's your duty to know perfectly about the systems that makes you getting banned from Google Adsense Program. Let's jump to some common rules that should be followed by all of us to use the Google Adsense service perfectly.

  1. Make sure that you are not using Google Ads where the site content breaks the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. For example, do not use Google Ads on pornographic site.
  2. Make sure that you are not sending unsolicited commercial emails to others known as SPAM.
  3. Make sure that you don't have any tendency to change the codes provided by Google for Google Adsense. May be you are a high classed web developer.
  4. Make sure that you are not using cloaking in your site. Cloaking is nothing, just to separate page into two for optimizing both for search engine and for visitors and when the visitors want to visit the page it automatically redirect to other page.
  5. Make sure that you are not using Google Ads where there is no content at all, like a blank page.
  6. Make sure that you are using some techniques to inspire the visitors of your site to make some unwanted clicks on your published Google Ads.
  7. Make sure that you are not using doorway pages. It means that, the home page of the site is filled with keywords only.
  8. Make sure that you don't click on your own Google Ads even for testing purpose or even when you are in Adsense minded. It will cause your account banned permanently.
  9. Make sure that you are not using Hidden links. Hidden links are links that are not visible in the eye of a visitor.
  10. Make sure that you are not doing something to redirect users from the Google Ad pages to somewhere others.
  11. Make sure that you are not publishing Google Ads on those pages which are being used for registration or sign up purposes.
  12. Make sure that you are not joining in that particular groups which are formed for making some clicks to each others Google Ads.
  13. Do not publish or design your Google Ads in such a way that a general visitor cannot find any difference between the site content and Google Ads.
  14. You need not to create more than one Adsense account. Because you can publish Google Ads to several websites using a single account.
  15. Make sure that you are not using excessive links on a single page. Google does not approve more than 100 links on a single site page.
  16. Do not buy banned websites for publishing Google Adsense Ads.
  17. Do not sell your Page Rank to others.
These are some common systems to get banned from Google. But it does not mean that these are all of the Google Rules. There are some other rules that could not be noted here. Thousands of people are getting banned from Google now a days. Only because they do not know the rule of getting banned or may be they are not careful about these simple and common rules. That's why everyone should be careful about these points.

Crawler : Spider

It is also known as spidering. It is an automated computer program which browses all the sites of internet thoroughly. It keeps the data of the sites and continues crawling of these sites in case of getting some updations of those sites. Now a question may arise why search engines use web crawler. There is a lot of reason behind using web crawler. Some of them are noted here like the following –

  1. Generally a search engine uses crawler to the sites to get up to date data and to take all the data to its memory through copying pages of those sites.
  2. To check both the external and internal links of the pages of those sites.
  3. To verify and validate the HTML code of those pages.
  4. To collect different types of information from different types of site pages.

Generally a search engine uses some policies for crawling data like some of these. Focused policy is to search the similarity of a particular theme. Selection policy is used by the search engines to index more than 50% content of the pages of a particular site. But this policy is not so good one. Url normalization policy is to prevent crawling a same information more than one time. Re-visit policy is used for crawler through which search engines collects data after a certain period of time from a same site to get the probable updation or deletaion of data.

Search Engine Crawler Search Engine Name
Googlebot Google
Yahoo Slrup Yahoo
MSNbot Bing
GRUP Wikipedia

These are the crawlers of the top most and famous search engines we are using in our day to day purpose.

Increase Visitors

Here are some helpful tips for increasing publicity or increasing traffic.
  1. Write about your product or blog or site in the GPT forum.
  2. Inform your relatives and friends about your product or blog or site.
  3. Change the referral link using HTML link.
  4. You can make some postering in your locality so that it can attract the visitors.
  5. Use Use SEO method to increase your traffic.
  6. You can also write a blog about your product or website.
  7. You can write different forums about your website and product and can give the referral link there.
  8. Search for a team who want to earn easily through online and give your referral link to them.
  9. Write some classified advertise like craiglist etc.
  10. Attach link after your youtube video.
  11. You can add a text file (.txt) into every RAR file you will make RAR and give your site url there and advertise there to increase visitors.
  12. Send your referral link in different email through attaching site address in signature.
  13. Send your referral link in your using server with some more description of your link through boot/micro process.
  14. Make your own site that is try to use a domain site to increase more traffic.
  15. Inform about your link through yahoo messenger, AIM and some others messengers.
  16. Transfer your referral link with high page ranked website in search engine.
  17. Advertise your site into some other popular website pages.
  18. Advertise in online games sites to increase visitors.
  19. Make visiting card and include your referral link or website there.
  20. You can buy 'Paid To Sign Up' or 'Paid To Join' from the other GPT site.
  21. You can buy some expired domains with constant visitors.
  22. Visit the site
  23. Buy some text links from some blogs, forums and groups.
  24. Increase some attractive facilities of your site like some extra gift for visiting your site.
  25. Add your referral link with different file sharing program to increase traffic in your site.
  26. Transfer visitors with one another.
  27. Advertise your site through Google Adwords.
  28. Write about your referral link in the social networking site like facebook, myspace, twitter, tagged, hi5, freindster, wink, stylehive etc.
  29. Add your referral link in Crashcrate.
  30. Bring your site at the first 10 list of the search engine through SEO.
  31. Update your site regularly and try to make it attractive to the visitors.
  32. Add 'Alt tag' with your website, blog or keywords. Because these 'Alt tag' will be easily found by search engine.
  33. You can advertise you site in and can get some valuable visitors.
  34. You can take a e-book with a weebsite in auction from e-bay.
  35. Before sending ebay product attach your referral link to increase visitors.
  36. Use to increase your site traffic.
  37. Sign up the virtual gaming site named
  38. Add your site with different earning blog.
  39. Sign up again in the site
  40. Add your site to the craiglist.
  41. Make free visiting card on

Develop your Site - 3

Here are some important point your can note down to develop your site for Adsense and also will be helpful for search engine optimization -
  1. Give your site back line in different sites which is important for your page rank.
  2. Keep the site background and the Ad background same color.
  3. Between the writings and under the navigation bar use your Ads.
  4. Use the domain name as a easy name so that the visitor don't have to be hesitate with the address.
  5. Comment everywhere with a full positive approach.
  6. Make social network using different groups and communities.
  7. Write article of popular topics in different blogs.
  8. Comment is different sites of different countries and use your domain address as your ID.
  9. Give different for different posts.
  10. Do not use frame and iframe.
  11. Use updated, popular and peculiar content in your blog site.
  12. Make your link and subdomain clean and clear.
  13. Design in such a way that page viewers can easily find there wants at a glance.
  14. Share video using url address.
  15. Graphics, flash, movie clip, pop-up, sound have no value for search engine. So it should not use much time to make them very nice.
  16. Be careful that all your keywords are popular.
  17. Use alt tag for each pictures in your blog.
  18. Use deep link and non anchor text in your blog.
  19. If possible use personal domain.
  20. Use RSS Feed.
  21. Keep HTML clean and clear.
  22. Use sitemap in your site.
  23. Make different file for Java and CSS.
  24. Make the link clear to eye of visitors.
  25. Use Google and Webmaster service for increasing visitors.
  26. You can use analytic service to increase visitor.
  27. Use popular keywords in your writings and keep your tagged keyword covoring 6-10% of your writings.
  28. Update your site everyday if it possible for you.
  29. Keep distance from copy pasting and the cheating with the viewers.
  30. Advertise your site in the popular sites.
  31. Search for Free Ad posting in Bangladeshi sites, Free Ad posting in Indian sites, Free ad posting in American sites. Give your site ad there.
  32. Search in Google for free web submit and add your site in top level search engines.
  33. Write hugely about your site in the online forum.

Develop your Site - 2

No need of excessive types of information :
In a single page you should not include lots of types of information. For this one should maintain some rules and regulations. One single topic is enough for a single page. That means, you should use different pages for different topics of information. Again if you need multiple topic in a single you should keep in mind that these information might not make visitors in a fix.

So how much information :According to your website topic your writings should be a standard size. Be careful that it will finish within a paragraph only. If your Adsense ads are under the half of the page and if your writings are less than half of the page, the visitors will never click on the Ads. Think your website like a book. In every page the content should attract the visitors to read the next pages and make them to know more about the topics and click on the Ads of your pages. Make some related page link on your site like the following links given below-

Keywords :
Make your headline according to your subject topics. Because through this headline search engine will find your site from thousands of sites. Your headline should be similar with the website content. If your content is not related with the site content your site will be banned in the search engine because Google uses a high quality software to catch that whether he site content is related or not. There are some software which makes a nice headline for search engine. You can use then to get a nice headline. You can visit the following site for the recently most visited topic in the search engine.

You can also use some mechanical headline in your site which will be noticed from every page. You can also use files in that part. To make such types of file you can go to the following link given below -

Use site Map & Update your site regularly :
If there is updated news in your site visitors will visit your site more than once and perhaps everyday. Name your page. It helps your site to make at the first of the search engine. Use site map for your site. Site map really indicated that which contents are inside your site. One can search them though your site. Site map also helps you site to increase your position through a search software named "Google Spider". You can add free HTML box in your profile. You can get it from the following address-
You can add YahooGroups in your site like the following picture given below-

You can use a free news template from the following link given below -
Free News Letter Templates
You can also add your site through Google Adwords.
Like Google you can also add your site through the following program.
Affiliate Program - Linkshare

To use eye tracker and get help from the program follow the given link below-

Develop your Site -1

Introduction :
Search Engine Optimization is a powerful ways to increase visitors in your site. Applying SEO you can bring your site at the top of the search engine search. SEO will increase your visitors and they will click on the Adsense in your site and it will make your extra income. Using SEO one can easily increase visitors. There is some important pages about this Search Engine Optimization the following section below-

What is Google Adsense and how if works :
Google Adsense is an advertising program of Google. It is in fact a genuine earning program. Suppose your site is about 'Computer". Now your site content should be on computer only so that Google makes ads of computer related topics. Because one will search in your about the computer related topic. But in this site if the Google ads is on a microchips, it can easily be told there is less posibily of visiting the ads by a visitor. So be realistic about your topic.

Download helpful E-book on SEO :
Go to the following site to download free Search Engine Optimization Toolkit E-book.

Make ready for Ads :
How much people are visiting your site everyday? Between them how much are clicking on your Google Ads, should be known by you everyday. And for this a counter will help you like the following counter. Go to the site and add counter on your site.

Use of good software and tools :
You have to think about the design of site first. There should not be use of any shortcut way to design it. You have to describe your site content thoroughly. There is no mercy as a new comer here! Be careful about the asking of the visitors and make the design thinking about it. Suppose you went to a shop to buy something. If the shop contents are displayed well you increase a willingness to buy something. On the other hand, if you saw the shop contents are here and there and not well organized you don' t have any willingness to buy product from there. And the same thing is happened in you site. So make the products well organized.

Design your Web Page :
To design your web page you need not to know essentially any high class language. You can use some beautiful template in your site. You can visit some big companies web page and get some extra themes from there and make your site as a professional one. You can also use Microsoft Front Page Program to design your site. Again you download free templates from the following link.
The middle portion of your webpage should be white colored. Using of so many colors can make your visitor in a fix.

A nice Subject theme :
A good subject topic can bring your site on the top of the search engine. But be careful that if you use a single subject again and again in your first page you adsense with be canceled. Anyway, you should use a good headline for every topic so that the headline will be easily searched by search engine like 'top ten online earner', 'real online earning', 'free software download', 'top download' etc. Finally your topic will make your web page in front of a visitor from the billions of web site.

Earn with Google Adsense

There is no doubt that any person using internet don't know about Google. A great search engine, a great advertising company, a great employment service maker for the current world. There is no doubt that today's world's most popular search engine is Google. More than 80% search in everyday is happening by Google search engine.

And that's why using this huge popularity Google wants to get some marketing or advertising through a system named Adsense. You can notice "Ads by Google" in most the sites now a days. This is nothing just the Adsense program of Google. This program is run by PPC or Pay Per Click system. When one makes someone to click on the Google Ads, he or she will be paid by Google. It's a totally free program for all. Anyone can work with Google Adsense without any cost. It earns money by displaying Google Ads on the site.

In the year 2010, Google earned 2.04 billion USD ($8.16 billion annualized) or 30% of total revenue, through Google AdSense Program.

To start Google Adsense you have to create a site first. This must may be domain or subdomain or a blog. But a domain is more preferable than sub-domain always. First, you have to make the site or blog as a standard one, a attractive one. Then you have to apply for the job for the Adsense. If your site or blog can maintain the terms and conditions of the Adsense program of Google you will be selected for Adsense program. Then your work is to increase the publicity or increase the increase the traffic of the website or the blog after your site or blog have been selected for Adsense program.

When your site is selected for Adsense program, only then your work is started. You have to generate idea for making its publicity, for increasing visitors or increasing traffic. There are lots of ways to make the publicity of a blog site or your site. Some main of them are like followings-

1. To increase page-rank in search engines, you have to make back links from other websites of identical theme.

2. You have to publish your site or blog to most of the popular search engines.

3. You have to publish your site to all popular internet directories.

4. You have to advertise your website or blog address in your name cards, posters or banners.

5. You have to put your website's address as signature in emails or forum posts always .

To know more about Google Adsense visit the following ling below-

Online Bank Moneybookers

Moneybookers is an online payment and money transfer processing bank. The company is founded in 2001 and its head quarter is situated in London in United Kingdom. It gives the service of online money processing through internet. It provides service directly in bank, providing cheques, and also wire transfer.

MoneyBookers is famous for quick money transfer via cheques as a internet bank. Generally it delivers cheques within 2-3 business days throughout the world. It also provides balance transfer to your own bank account in your country.

Opening an bank account :
To open an bank account in moneybookers you have to make successful registration in the address Provide your valid and easy to reach home address. Verify your account. There are two types of verifications in moneybookers. One is email verification and other is address verification. Complete your email verification after clicking the link sent to you to your given email address. And in the second step complete your address verification by requesting a verification letter to your given address. Within 2-3 business days you will get a letter to your address from moneybookers in which you will get a authentication code which is needed to verify your address.

After the address verification you can request for cheques in your home address. You can also request to accept money in your bank account. To get cheques you have to pay a little service charge like €3.5 and to transfer money through bank account you have pay €1.80. Again if you want to withdraw money through credit card like visa card you have to pay €1.80.

Success in Affiliate Program

There are a lot of sites for affiliate marketing. Amazon and Commission Junction are the two sites listed in the top. Here is something you may need to get success in Affiliate program -

  • Go to the site and complete sign up first to work here.
  • Make product link with the product you want to do marketing.
  • You can do several links with only a single account.
  • Submit your link banners in your website or blog in such a position that every visitor can notice it easily.
  • Visit the online selling store of the developed country. There you will get some free site where you can publish your link address very easily.
  • Search in Google for Online Selling Store in America, Online selling store in London, Online selling store in Canada, Online selling store in Australia and the selling stores of some other developed countries and publish your link there hugely.
  • You can also create an own site for your online selling store for different types of banners of different types of products.
  • Write down shortly there that which products are under such banners.
  • Be careful that every banner should be in same shaped.
  • Name the blog title as My Online Selling Store.
  • Again search in Google for “How to success in affiliate program”.
  • You can get millions of tips for success there.
  • Add more and more western friends in the social network everyday and publish your link or site there hugely.
  • Publish your link in the American forums and European forums also.

Earn with CJ

CJ is broadly known as Commission Junction. It is an industry for servicing affiliate marketing, perhaps the world's great affiliate company as far as it is to be known. But there is no doubt that in North America, the largest affiliate network is CJ. The affiliate industry is powering 62% of the top 500 web retailers affiliate marketing programs and operates worldwide. Besides the huge service the industry is providing Search Marketing Service and Media Services now a days.

In 1998 the industry Commission Junction was founded. This industry encompasses more than 1500 customers around the world. Santa Barbara in California is the corporate head office of Commission Junction. There are some other offices in Chicago, England, Sun Fransisco, Westlake, California, NewYork, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Russia. There are customers from Yahoo, Dell, Overstock, Buy, Home Depot etc working with the industry also.

This industry has lots of awads. Followings are some of the important ones-
  • Global Vision (2005-2007)
  • Innovation (2002-2007)
  • Greatness (2002-2007)
  • People (2002-2007)
  • Agency of the Year (2008)
  • Advertiser of the Year (2008)
  • Innovation of the Year (2008)
  • People's Choice for Advertisers and Publishers (2008)
  • Rookie if the Year (1998)
To get sign up in Commission Junction you have to go the site first. There comes a page where you will get Publisher tab. From Publisher go to the Application menu. After selecting language, country, currency and filling out other necessary information you have to complete sign up process.

There you will get some advertising company list, there joining date, catagory and selling percentages. You have to select the company for which you want to work for. There are lots of items from electronics items to plane ticket. You can sell any of those displaying items and be owner of the given percentage selling income.

As Commission Junction is the world's largest affiliate company one should work seriously for it to get benefited. There are lots of people who takes there full time online affiliate work on the huge industry, Commission Junction. You can also do this to be success in affiliate marketing.

Earn with Amazon is the former name of If is one of the world's most powerful sites. It's called an online retailer company. Different types of buying and selling are happening here everyday between millions of people around the world. It is a Multinational Electronic Commerce Company located in USA. The headquarter of the is situated in Seattle in Washington.

It started it's online facility in 1995. Before that in 1994 Jeffrey P. Bezos started the company as an online selling store or bookstore like selling CDs, DVDs, downloading MP3s, computer softwares, games, electronics, and furnitures.

Within some days it widened its business area in some other countries like Germany, Japan, Canada, France, China, Korea etc where they provide shipping facilities and retail products in these countries initially. And at present its service is worldwide. More than 24 thousand are working in the online retailer company.

At present the company retails thousands of types of items like books, musics, CDs, DVDs, softwares, videotapes, kitchen items, tools, electronics items, garden items, toys, baby products, video games, apparel, groceries, watches, sporting goods, jewelry, health items, beauty products, clothing, musical instruments, industrial items, scientific items etc. Around 1 million visitor visits the website of the company.

Amazon keeps a way to everyone to advertise its product worldwide and to earn as the commissions of selling the products he has advertised. This is called affiliate programs of amazon. Its like a dealership business but its area is the whole world anywhere anytime. For this one has to build a online selling store. Amazon gives the opportunity to create the selling store.

To do this first one has to sign in Amazon Associates with his personal e-mail address. The account should be verified afterwords. Payment system should be checked for that like which way you want to transect your earning commission from amazon account or you want to earn product from the commission you have earned. After complete and successful you have to build the online selling store first.

You have to go to the "astore" option and check the items you want to advertise for. Generally the items should be familiar with you so that you can make its best advertisement. Categories and sub-categories should be selected then. You can make a good looking store by designing the selling store through design options. At last you will get the link of your online selling store.

Now your work is to advertise the link so that customers visit your selling store and buy products form There lies a percentage of commission one will get after selling a product. You should check it first. You can add your selling also. To do this you have again go to the astore option and do the same thing again stated before and make the publicity of both the links.

You also have to increase visitor to increase selling of your online selling store. To do this you can follow some most popular 5 ways like followings-

1. You have to publish your links to most of the popular social sites.

2. You have to publish your links to most of the popular internet directories.

3. You have to advertise your links in your name cards, posters or banners.

4. You have to put your link address as signature in emails or forum posts.

Success in Freelancing Program

If you are a freelancer and make your career in freelancing world this tips can help you something-

  1. Read through the full terms and condition where you want to work for.
  2. Complete the sign up and give information about you.
  3. If you are interested mainly in Odesk, make your profile 100% first.
  4. To make your profile 100% fill up the necessary information in contractor profile section, take the Odesk Readiness Test and take some other easier exams like MS Word Test, Windows XP Test, English Spelling Test etc.
  5. Think before bidding for a project that whether this work will be possible for you or not.
  6. You can make a list for the work you can do, so that it can be easy for you to bid in freelancing sites.
  7. Bid at least 2-3 bids everyday until you get a work from these freelancing program.
  8. Check your inbox regularly in both freelancer and odesk.
  9. Be sure about your work before starting it in the freelancing sites.
  10. Ask the buyer about the work, where to work, payment system and payment method.
  11. Ask the buyer about how the work should be start.
  12. Bid hourly project more than fixed projects in Odesk.
  13. Download the Odesk software when working in Odesk.
  14. Bid at least 60-70 bids per month from these two sites.
  15. Stop bidding when you get work in freelancing sites.
  16. Do not depend on data entry work only.
  17. Try to learn more types of work everyday and be professional to success in freelancing sites.
  18. Be industries, be careful about the work and be communicative with the buyer.
  19. Tell buyer if you are facing problems in doing the project work in the freelancing sites.
  20. If it is so late to get your debit card, inform it the customer care of the particular master card company.
  21. Do not depend on master card only. Because there are some other method through which you can withdraw money.
  22. Learn the computer programs so that you can get high priced job from these freelancing sites.
  23. Search in Google about the success in freelancing sites.

Earn with Microworkers

Microworkers is a service of Weblabcenter. This service helps one to reach his customers across the world. This service helps one to generate natural and organic web traffic. The publisher solutions of this service helps one to generate income as a result of his website popularity or actions performed by his website visitors.

If you have any willingness to work in microworkers you need not to do any bid here. Projects or jobs in microworkers are very much smaller and easier than some other sites which provides freelancing works like elance, getafreelancer, odesk, getacoder, rentacoder etc.

Generally, you can complete a single project within 5 to 30 minutes. You have to prove there that really you have finished the work. You can get the system of proving the completing work within the description of work or project. As the works are so much small and easier to complete the payment is also lower than some other renowned sites. Here you will get payment from 0.1 USD to 1.5 USD per work.

There are lots of work coming in every hours. You can do a job or project only once. You can withdraw money from microworkers when the amount is 9 USD or above. Withdraw system will be in 4 ways. They are-
1. Direct Check
2. MoneyBookers
3. Paypal
4. Alertpay

When you are on withdrawing money for the first time there comes a letter according to your given address. A PIN number will be noted there. You can only have one PIN number for a particular address. Because microworkers does not support two accounts for a same person or same address.

You can do lots of types of work in microworkers like comment posting, follow my twitter, sign up, email create, complex sign up, single sign up, digg my page, text link to a website, review of my site, download and install etc and a huge so on.

How Odesk Works

Need skilled person :
To realize the activities of Odesk you can read down the following example thoroughly. Suppose, Mr. Smith is an British wants to establish a Web Designing agency. So he needs a skilled team for this agency where the members will provide website programming in low price than the market. And for this online freelancer is the only liking for Mr. Smith. But to manage several people in the same time in online is too difficult to do. Again if Mr. Smith needs several workers to work in a single project what should be done?

Provide Service :
So Mr. Smith gets a solution from Odesk now. He creates an account in Odesk and create some employment facilities in the Programmer, Graphics Designer and Data Entry Sections. After sometimes there are 10 different applications for job in every section. Every applied candidate has a profile in Odesk, his working history and feedback from other buyers. After observing some profile, cover letter, portfolio and different certificate he selected some candidates for his projects.

Employment :
After communicating with the candidates through email or messenger chat Mr. Smith selected three candidates finally. These candidates are Mr. Gorge from Bolivia, Mr. Courtney from America and Mrs. Daniel from Russia. Mr. Smith selected them for hourly payment.

Team Management :
Everyday when these three candidates start working they run a software which send screenshot and some other information to the Odesk server. And on the other side Mr. Smith can know the latest news of his work and working skill of the contractor.

Working in Odesk

There are two types of user accounts for Odesk providers. One is for freelancing providers and another is for provider companies. If you want to work there distinctively select the freelance provider option. Complete registration providing your personal information. After completing registration create your profile taking some time. There are some divisions of a provider’s profile like the followings-

My account Summary :
In this part you have to fill up with some information like your personal information, asking rate per hour, maximum working time per week etc. Before working in Odesk you have to give a test called “Odesk Readiness Test”. Readiness test is such type of exam where you are interviewed that whether you have understood the policy of working in Odesk or not. For taking the exam in Odesk click the link named “Take the Odesk Readiness Test”. The exam is for one hour. There are 11 questions and you have to answer all the questions perfectly to work on Odesk. The exam is an open book exam. You can get help from the manual of Odesk providing by Odesk during exam. So before taking exam read the whole manual thoroughly.

To make your Odesk profile 100% complete you have to do some necessary steps like followings. Log in Odesk first. Roll over the mouse on your username on the top right corner of the Odesk window. Go to the account and profile settings and click there. Click on the “My provider profile” then. Follow the instruction given below and also click in the my test option and take some other test. Now your profile is 100% clear.

Portfolio Projects :
You can add details of your previous work description, picture and attachment in this part.

Employment History :
If you have experience of working in some other companies you can add in this section.

Education :
Note down your educational qualification in this part.

Certifications :
In this part note down the passed test results.

Skills :
Note down your skills in different types of works and systems.

Categories & Job Alerts :
Note down the types of work you want to do in Odesk as a provider.

Other Experiences :
You have some more skill and experience in more sections and works you can add here in this section.

Characteristics of Odesk

Online Test :
To prove the skills of freelancer providers there are more than 150 scopes of taking test on different subjects. These exams are mainly of objective types. You can take an exam in any time. Taking the exams is fully free. New providers can make there profile much higher taking more and more exam. To take an exam you have to log in first and go to Qualification Test from the Find Providers tab. You have to face 40 questions and you will get 40 minutes to solve or answer the 40 questions. You can retake an exam again after 30 days.

Team Management :
Through this site a buyer can select several providers in a single project for a particular time. For managing team there is a team room where buyer gives valuable information, history of the work and to observe the latest situation of the work. There is also Time Analyzer which shows the working time, working duration of a freelancer provider. There are some options for buyers to observe the screenshot of the working position of the provider or worker, desktop screen sharing and server for hosting subversion.

Facilities for providers :
Providers can prove their skills and belief of work. To do that you have to install software named Odesk Team. This software sends the latest situation of the providers through screenshot, work memo, activity log and webcam if one has. A provider can also contact with the other members of the team through the webcam. To download the software, go to the resources link from the community tab. There are some versions of this software for the users of Windows, Mac and Linux.

Money Withdraw System :
Like some other freelancing site, Odesk gives you several types of options for withdrawing money. From these you can withdraw money through Payoneer Debit Master Card, Moneybookers and wire transfer. From debit master card noted here, you can withdraw money from any corner of the world.

What is Odesk?

Odesk is an freelancing marketplace where around 100 thousand contractors are working right now. Right as this moment, when you are reading this article there are more than 4 thousand projects running in Odesk.

There are two types of jobs in Odesk. They are fixed price job and hourly job. But Odesk is popular for its hourly job. And working with hourly job you can earn more in comparison with the other freelancing sites of the world. You can compare Odesk a virtual office where you can work staying in a particular time as your wish. In this time what you are doing will be recorded by a software and will be sent to the buyer after a particular time through screenshot. You are paid just on what you have done. You are paid extra if you do some extra works too. And this site takes 10% charge as commission.

Right now Odesk is becoming more and more popular among the providers of the developing countries. There are more than five thousand providers who have already completed their registration in Odesk and among them lots of providers have already worked more than 500 hours in Odesk.

There are data entry operator, software development consultant, website developer, writer and also some professional Bangladeshi providers working in Odesk at this moment. It is expectable that the youth of developing countries can make Odesk as a virtual office and solve the unemployment problem of the particular countries.

Description of a project in Odesk
After logging in Odesk go to the Find Jobs tab and select the category you like to work. There is huge information about the project in the project description page. If you want to work on a particular project you have to apply for the project. But remember that before doing so, you must have to pass the “Odesk Readiness Test”. There are so many projects in Odesk where you have to show the certificate of different project you have attended. So taking so many test can increase the possibly of getting the job more quickly. If you are selected for a project by the buyer you have to install a software named “Odesk Team” and start working staying logged in.

Earn with Odesk

"Odesk" is the name of a worlds one of the greatest freelancing company. It is a private company which is established in 2003 in California in America. The founder of this company is Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. Now its headquarter is in Menlo Park in California. creates a huge job marketplace in the online world. A freelancer provider can get a job and complete it staying in the remote corner of the world. generally provides hourly jobs although there are a lots of projects there which are not hourly and these are called fixed priced job. provides you the assurance of payment mostly in compared to the other freelanceing companies. They are making money by charging membership fees and by taking a part of the payment. The part might be range from 4% to 15% generally. As a employer a buyer can post his job in for free of charge. Also a provider can bid for a work for fully free of charge.

How much bid a freelancer provider can do might be a question for someone. Bids are varying with completing profile percentage. Such as if your profile seems to be 20% complete you can bid in 1 project per week. Again if your profile is 80% or more you can bid in 7 projects per week. When you can upgrade your profile in 100% you can bid in 15 projects per week.

Profile completing depends on filling the "My Public Profile", "Portfolio Projects", "Employment History", "Education", "Certifications, "Skills", "Categories", "Other Experiences" forms. Taking various test is another way to make the profile higher in Profile upgrade is necessary in odesk because a buyer check the profile before awarding a provider for a job.

Odesk generally recommends hourly jobs for most ongoing work efforts, although fixed-price jobs can be appropriate for a smaller and well-defined project. Fixed-price jobs is generally for shorter projects. These fixed-price projects can also be used as a test tasks to give contractors as a trial run before hiring them for longer hourly work. And that's why fixed-price job is also important for providers and buyers. On the other hand, hourly jobs are much more flexible. One can have full access to Odesk’s time tracking and Work Diary functions. And the "hour paid is an hour that was worked" guarantee behind it. In ODesk the hourly jobs are long-lasting and building a very successful relationships.

Helpful Freelancer Information

After logging in freelancer you can change your personal information, you can see the project you have bid, your account balance, money withdrawal system and so on from the “Manage Account” page. This page consists of the following divisions-

News for members :
In this page you will get the latest result of the site, different types of helping information which are helpful for new users. So, new users should read the information thoroughly.

Account details :
In this page there are different types of helping link, the latest situation of your balance, the link of your profile, the link to be a gold member, the link to withdraw money and so on.

Edit account information :
You can change you personal information and can change your profile information.

Buyer activity :
You can work here as a buyer and can submit your project and can make the other providers to work in the project. May be you are going to fail in a working project. Then you can create a project and give the incomplete part to get help from other buyers.

Provider activity :
In this page you can manage your projects bid on, rating, buyer review and so on.

Affiliate activity :
You can do extra income from this site without working from this directly. And you can do this by making someone registered in freelancer. You will get a link called referral link and make publicity on this link to some other sites and email. The amount the referral users will earn, you will get 4% of money from the freelancer.

Payment transactions :
In this page you will get the information about withdraw money, see balance, escrow payment, transfer money etc.

Why better than
Here, the bid is open that means when a provider bids on a project, bid rate, deadline time, bidding time, bidding comments are visible by the other providers. That’s why it makes competition among the other providers, although it makes some problems with the new providers. Because here some providers make their bid rate higher to make the average rate higher and in the PM he decreases the rate to get the work. But it should be kept in mind that it the buyer don’t check the PM, the buyer will not get your message that you want to do the work with lower bid. So be careful about the PMB.

Success in Freelancer - 2

Are you a freelancer? Want to build up a career with Freelancer? We think this tips can make you to reach the highest goal of success...

  • Read through the terms and conditions of thoroughly.
  • Sign up there firstly and give the information they need there in the site database.
  • Before you are going to bid for a work, be sure that you can really do the work after winning the bid.
  • For this you can make a list first that what types of work really you can do.
  • Bid minimum 2-3 bids per day.
  • Check your inbox regularly because if a buyer wants to give you work he or she will contact with you through message generally.
  • If you get a message from a buyer you have to reply to buyer to know the followings-
# what is the work
# where should you have to work like website etc.
# where he will pay you
# payment is weekly or monthly
# advance payment
  • How you have to start your work should be known from the buyer before starting the work.
  • Take you time from the buyer as the works will be finished by you.
  • Bid at least 30 bids per month
  • Stop bidding if you get a work just as you like it.
  • Do not depends on data entry works only.
  • If you have knowledge on MS-Word at lest you have lots of types of work to do. Search then thoroughly.
  • Be industrious, be careful about the work you are doing.
  • Because if you are not careful to your work buyer will give the work to some other persons.
  • Sometimes buyer will make objections against you to the freelancer authority that you are not doing your work properly.
  • When you are working on captcha entry work and the images will come so much slower tell the buyer that it is not possible to work there, the buyer might take necessary steps to make coming the steps so much faster.
  • If you have noticed that you are getting payment rightly you should take some more ID from the buyer and give the work to your some other house members and other persons who are unemployed and want to do this types of works.
  • If you have more serious problem write to me for solving your problem.
  • Search in Google for success in to get more tips and information for this site.

Success in Freelancer

Success does not come automatically. One has to work hard and has a good knowledge of working system in freelancer to be success in

Signing in freelancer is very much easier than getting success in freelancer. You need to be familiar with the system of bidding in freelancer. You need to make your profile higher. You skills and Vision and Keywords should be made good. Your asking for money per hour might also be an important factor for getting the work.

Freelance Jobs

Success in Freelancer depends on your skill also. If you are not so much skilled in different types of programming, programming language, website developing language, English handling skill etc. there are also projects for you in freelancer only if can type A, B, C, D,........ sitting before a keyboard. If you worked hard about 6-8 hours per day for data entry like captcha entry you can earn 60-80 USD per month. In the view of an Bangladeshi this 80 dollar is not so much little as you know around 5600 BDT.
If you are skilled in a little bit highly project like HTML, Javascript etc. there might be a small competition between the providers. Generally in this type of project there might not be so much providers in a simple project. So your winning for a bid will be very much easier than other easy working project like data entry, data processing etc.

One has to give attention on cover letter in freelancer to get success in freelancer. After bidding on a project there comes a form details for a bid. Firstly the rate for the respective project. You have to make your asking quite lower to win the bidding in the project. Then comes the finishing time for the project. You have to make the time as lower as possible to win the project. After that the most important parts for a bid, the cover letter.

To improve your cover letter you can see the other cover letters of the providers of the respective projects noted down below the description of the project. There you will get some more themes for writing a cover letter for the project. You can also give personal message to the buyer in the PMB option. But the buyers will not check the personal message every time, so your application might be unnoticed by the buyer in case of the sudden accident. So it is good to write on the first form. The writings should be related to the project.

A good cover letter should include some followings like-
  • Respect to the buyer
  • About the work of the project
  • Payment medium
  • Payment duration
  • Working hour
  • Minimum time for work etc.

Withdraw Money from Freelancer

Freelancer is a meeting place where different types of freelancer providers, different types of businessman and for different types of freedom workers. Here a buyer introduces and submits a project and in the mean time a provider will give services according to the buyer need and for a particular payment. In this site, workers are known as provider. As the site commission is low and there are facilities for gold members and trial projects there are thousands of people being registered everyday. Right at this moment there are 700,000 plus members in this site. Again the projects in this site is not also low. There are lots of works coming in every sections everyday. Approximately more than 3000 projects are adding in freelancer everyday. Programming, graphics design, data entry, data procession, copy writing, web developing, market research, search engine optimization, web promotions etc are some of important categories of freelancer. More or less every types of computer works are here in this site.

Ways of withdrawing money :
There are several ways of withdrawing money from and they are through debit card, moneybookers, wire transfer etc. The easiest way of withdrawing money is through debit card. If you have 30 dollar in your site account you can be registered for this debit card from this site. And this card will reach in your address within 15 to 20 business days. And through this you can withdraw money from the ATM booths of different online bank.

Facilities for GOLD members :
There is a facility of being gold member in freelancer. If you want to be a gold member is freelancer, you need to pay 12 dollars per months to freelancer. But you need not to give commission after each project whereas the others businessman have to give the 10% commission of the project. If you are a general provider you can bid 30 bids month whereas a gold member can bid upto 160 bids per month. There are lots of projects in this site where only gold members can bid.
There is a "G" sign besides the name of each gold which indicates their gold membership. As there is a gold status besides their name there is a good probability of winning projects for the gold members.

For new members there are trial projects in freelancer. Here only new provides can bid. So that through these trial projects new users can easily complete their first work. But remember that after completing a project and after getting feedback from a buyer you cannot bid on these trial projects.

Some guidelines for freelancer providers
You should not start work without getting a complete conception on the particular project. Buyer may not note his asking in the project so you have to ask all to him. You have to ask the requirement into your own language. So that you will get the asking of the buyer and your work will be easier than before. Buyer will be glad with your question and be confirm you really want to do the work.
After getting a work a buyer generally keep money in escrow function. So that your probability of getting payment after finishing will be confirmed. Divide the full work with several divisions. And show it to buyer after completion of each small part.
Before getting the time finished, finish your work and submit your work. Before submitting your work check again and again that the buyer requirement is completed.

Sample PM in Freelancer

Buyer :
It is
- The rate is US$0.8/k
- Weekly payment via GAF or PAYPAL
- project 24/7 hours. the best time is 3 to 8am
- need good output. 2, 3, 4, 5 k/day
If you are interested, please leave your Y!. Thanks

Provider :
Dear Sir
Thanks for ur replay. I am really like to start the job, first
of all give me one ID, after that i will increase ID. You
can post ur ID in GAF PM. I know I will proved myself.
Thank You
Your Faithful

Buyer :
I can't give you ID here. MY account was suspended two
days ago because of it. I hope you understand my
condition. please leave your Y!. I'll give ID via Y!.

Buyer :
are you really interested? please confirm me. thanks

Provider :
Dear Sir
Really I would like to start my work, but how could u will
give my payment, because i have no papal account. Do u
like to give escrow payment. One asking to u ? u said ur
account was suspended two days ago, but how could u
sent me message. Whatever I like to start, give me the
Ans. my Y! drawdollar Y!

Buyer :
I can pay you via GAF. But sorry I pay after you have
worked minimally for one week. because it is weekly
payment. thanks

Provider :
Dear Sir
Ok I like to start, first time give me one ID. After one
week i will increase my ID.

Buyer :
Now I give you ID. please see attached file.
please start work asap. confirm me.thanks
Additional file submitted: confidenceplus.txt

Buyer :
login : .......... (see attached file; confidenceplus.txt)
password : ....... (see attached file; confidenceplus.txt)
please start work right now. Thanks

Provider :
Dear Sir
I am doing the work..............

Buyer :
OK. please give me good out put, 2000, 3000, 4000 or
5000 entries. thanks
pleas use or open two browsers or more like mozilla,
netscape or etc. use alt+tab to move from one browser to
another. you can see, your fingers can't stop to work. try it.
good luck. thanks

Provider :
Dear Sir
First time i will give you every day 1000++ captcha per
ID. u can give me another one ID to continue. ur rate is
0.8$ is this possible to increase the rate? If possible than I
will continue more ID.

Freelancer Projects

Budget :
Here the budget of the project is shown. When you are bidding you have to select the budget into the limit given there.

Project creator :
In this part, there shows the rating and feedback of the buyer of the project. There is button here to post PM to the buyer in this section. You can only post PM after bidding on a project.

Description :
Here are the project description given. But generally buyers will not give full information of the project work in this section. So after bidding you have to communicate with the buyer through posting PM.

View Project Certification Board :
If you are unable to understand a small of the project work you can communicate with the buyer through this section and it is visible to the other providers and the other providers can also give their consent on it. The main target of this section is to clear the work of the project through the participation of the providers.

Bid on this project :
At last after checking all the part of a project you have to click on the button. There will appear a new page containing a small form to be filled to apply for the particular project. There will be several boxes there. In the first one you have to give the asking rate for this project. In the second one you have to give the time you need to finish the project actually. The third one is for the advance payment if you need from the buyer. And the last one is called cover letter for this project. If you have something more to know about the project work you can post PM also from there.

Response of the other providers :
In this section you will find the activities of the other providers who have already bid on the project before you. Here provider's name, country, bidding money, milestone payment, bidding time, provider rating and some words written in as cover letter will be shown. It will help you make bid like some other professionals.

Registration in Freelancer

To get registered in freelancer click on “Register” button in the home page. Follow the instructions given below –

Step – 1 : New User Signup

Username :
Take a username that is different from others and is needed when you have to log in next time.

Email Address :
Give here your email address.

Terms and Condition :
Select it if you agree with the terms and condition of freelancer.

Gold Member :
Select it if you want to be a gold member. But you should not select it first time you are in registering in freelancer. You can be a gold member next time when you are familiar with this mostly.

Step 2 : Email Verification

After completing the step 1 a verification email is sent in your given email address. With this email a verification link and code will be sent. You can verify your account in two ways –

1. Click on the verification link to verify your account.

2. Copy the code and paste it to your account where it is needed.

And this system is done only because to be sure that you are the real owner of the given email address.

Step 3 : User Profile

This is the last step of the registration. This is divided into some important stages-

Account details :
In this part your full name, company name or post name and the password you need to log in will be given.

Address details :
In this part you have to give your full address.

Notifications :
To know about the new projects through email you have to select this.

Service provider profile :
In this part you have to check the category of the works you want to do. And make a profile noting down your working profile. Because the buyers will give him work according to this profile. With this profile you can add your own picture or the logo of your company.

Earn with Freelancer

"Getafreelancer" is the former name of "Freelancer".

This website provides online job marketplace for the online freelancer provider. The workers can do their job from any corner of the world anytime in the day according to his ability of work.

Buyers are the only source of the works or projects in freelancer. A buyer may be a individual person or a company. The buyers put the projects in freelance because they can get the complete work easily and rapidly. To do this every buyer must register in freelancer as a buyer and complete his buyer profile first.

There are two types of providers account in the freelancer. "Basic Member" and "Gold Member" are there type. For the basic members every buyer has to pay 3 USD or 3% of the total project as project fee. Again another 5 USD is to be paid by the buyer when the project is posted and this amount of dollar is refundable. To keep themselves as a buyer, every buyer must agree and maintain the terms and condition of the freelancer site. There are 6 ranges of project budget. And every buyer must have to follow that.

Providers are main strength of the freelancer site. A provider may be a individual person or a team. They can work for as part time job or full time job. There payment may be per day or weekly or monthly or per project as the wish of the respective buyer. Signing up in is totally free for a provider. If the provider wants to get a Gold Membership only then he has to pay 19.95 USD per month. Geting a job or bidding for a job is also free for a freelancer provider. He has to pay 5% or 10% of his earning only when he wins in a project or he is selected for a project. A basic member can bid upto 25 bids per month where a gold member can bid 150 bids per month. A provider has to be expert in different section to get a handsome income from here.

Payment system in freelancer is also much more easier. A provider can withdraw his money from his account thought paypal, monerbookers and some other payment systems. A project is won by a provider after a mutual understanding between buyer and provider and a fixed project price is made between them.

is an Australian company now. The company is founded in Sweden in 2004. At present its headquarter is in New South Wales in Sydney in Australia. It is a limited company. This is the logo of