How the Site Content Should be

It is well known to us that Google is in the best positing of world’s top search engines. And right now it is a big challenge for Google to remain in the first place for the next years.

Now, think that you want to make a search in Google using the words “Body Language”. There come billions of pages on body language as well. Generally you will go through the first 10 pages of the search result. Suppose you visit three sites from the search result of Google Search Engine and could not find the exact thing that you are asking for or could not get the answers fully that you want. In the time, you will have a bad impression on the search result. And you have some questions in your mind about the search result quality of Google.

Google also knows the position of its customers like your thinking. That’s why Google wants that the websites should be under some rules or some criteria which must have to maintain to appear in the front position of it’s search result. These sites have to maintain some extra quality, some nice content, and something interesting to the visitors.

So now if you want to make your site in the front position in the Google search result you also have to maintain those criteria, those qualities. Just like same reason, when you are asking for the approval of the advertising program of Google known as Google Adsense you need to maintain some quality to develop your site and its content. Here are some basic criteria that you need to follow-

1. Enough Content :

Google will not publish its ads where there is no content at all and also where there is not enough content. So try to write at least 10 pages or more as you can of content writing.

2. Copyscape Passed :

Google will not approve the content which is copied from some other sites. So try to write from your own. Don’t try to copy from some other sites. Just assume that Google has some high class technologies to verify your writing whether it is copied or unique.

3. Without spelling or grammatical Error :

If there are some spelling or grammatical error in your writing, this content should not be approved by Google. Because it will decrease her reputation when it comes in the search engine or when it will show Google Ads. So try to write without any spelling or grammatical mistake.

4. Interesting Writing :

Try to make your content interesting to the visitors. It will make the visitors back to your site again and again and you know that it will also increase the probability to click on Google Ads. Taking the visitors of your site back is an important way to increase your Adsense income also.

5. Ability to sell :

Try to write the content which has the ability to sell in the international market which means in online marketing. The writings should have some major criteria like rhythmic, informative and diversity of topic.

6. When Blogging :

When you are using a blog, try to write post shortly but not too short, lengthy but not too long. It should be around 450-550 words and should include the keywords 3-5 times.

7. Density of Keywords :

Try to write your content with a density of keywords for some reasons. It will help you to get a higher position in search result. Again it will help the visitors to catch your writing within a short time. Because visitors only roll their eyes through your site content. Nothing else!

8. External And Internal Links :

Try to make lots of external links as well as internal links. External links will help your visitors to know more about your contents. Internal links will make some realization that you have a huge and rich content in your site.

Construction of Your Site Page

Some unordered system of constructing a page should not be approved because it will not be informative and does not have the character of rhythmic. So you must have to maintain some rules when constructing your site page. Here are some basics about it-

Site Creator Information :
Every site should have the information of its creator. If possible it should be given in every page. It includes phone number, mobile number, email address, fax number, other site address and so on, so that the visitors are always in touch with the creator.

Under Construction Page :
The page which has the content like under construction should be removed from the site. Because the page does not have any value to the visitors. At the same time it decreases the quality of the site to the search engine as well as visitors.

Site Loads :
Site loads are generally means that background sound, autoplay music, autoplay video, high resolution pictures, lots of gadgets etc. If it needs a long time to load your site visitor will be decreased to your site and receive low class rating to the search engine.

Briefly Writing :
Your text writing should be brief and short but informative. It should be brief because more than 75% visitors will not read your site content thoroughly. They just roll their eyes through your content called scanning.

Key Point :
Write your text in such a way that the key point of your writing are easily caught when someone starts reading your text content. Again if it not and the content is huge they are not dare to read it anymore.

Site Color :
The color of your site should not be like something absurd. It should be good, formal and decent. Generally the link colors are blue. Visited links are dark blue or purple colored. Active links are generally in red colors.

Major Page Link :
The links of major pages of the sites should be given in every pages of the site. It will increase the reputation of the site.

Only First Page :
Don’t think like that all the visitors will come into your first page. Because search engine may index any pages of your site form first to last. So emphasize on every pages of your site.

3 Clicks :
Make sure that a visitor can go to every page of your site within three click highest. It will be good if only in one click to anywhere in your site.

Sitemap :
Sitemap tells about the whole map of your site. So use sitemap in your site. It will help to index your site by search engine easily. It also helps the visitors to know each and every content of your site easily like where to go to get the content.

Internal Search Tool :
In a site use of internal search tool plays a vital roll to help visitors to go through the content and pages of your site easily and comfortably. Try to use a internal search tool.

How to get Adsense Code

You can get your Adsense Code from your Adsense Account. It's easy and you can do it if you don't have any knowledge on HTML or some other languages. Just follow some easy steps like following-
  • Check out all the Adsense Tabs and find the tab named "Adsense Setup".

  • You will get four options here. They are like Adsense for content, Adsense for search, Adsense for feeds, Adsense for domains.
  • Click on "Adsense for content".
  • Then click to "Continue".

  • Now in the format option select which formatted Ads you want to display in your site. Horizontal or vertical or some other else.
  • After that pick the colors of all of the options like boarder color, title color, background color, text color, url color etc.
  • Now click "Continue".

  • There comes the following types of page.
  • Click on "Add new channel" option.
  • Now click on "Continue".

  • Name the unit of Adsense you have just created.
  • And finally click on "Submit and Get Code".

  • There comes a page like the above one.
  • Now your task is to copy the codes and paste it to your site.
  • Within 10 minutes your Ads will be visible.
  • Copy the codes in the body tags of your HTML page code.

How to get banned from Adsense

Google places a very strong emphasis on the quality and relevancy of their search result because they know that in order keep the first place as a search engine they must have to maintain the searched site quality. There is no doubt that today Google is providing the biggest, most well known and the most trusted Adsense program through out the world. When you are using this Google Adsense service you must have to maintain some hard and fast rules. Otherwise your Adsense will be banned anytime by Google. without any previous notice That's why, now it's your duty to know perfectly about the systems that makes you getting banned from Google Adsense Program. Let's jump to some common rules that should be followed by all of us to use the Google Adsense service perfectly.

  1. Make sure that you are not using Google Ads where the site content breaks the terms and conditions of Google Adsense. For example, do not use Google Ads on pornographic site.
  2. Make sure that you are not sending unsolicited commercial emails to others known as SPAM.
  3. Make sure that you don't have any tendency to change the codes provided by Google for Google Adsense. May be you are a high classed web developer.
  4. Make sure that you are not using cloaking in your site. Cloaking is nothing, just to separate page into two for optimizing both for search engine and for visitors and when the visitors want to visit the page it automatically redirect to other page.
  5. Make sure that you are not using Google Ads where there is no content at all, like a blank page.
  6. Make sure that you are using some techniques to inspire the visitors of your site to make some unwanted clicks on your published Google Ads.
  7. Make sure that you are not using doorway pages. It means that, the home page of the site is filled with keywords only.
  8. Make sure that you don't click on your own Google Ads even for testing purpose or even when you are in Adsense minded. It will cause your account banned permanently.
  9. Make sure that you are not using Hidden links. Hidden links are links that are not visible in the eye of a visitor.
  10. Make sure that you are not doing something to redirect users from the Google Ad pages to somewhere others.
  11. Make sure that you are not publishing Google Ads on those pages which are being used for registration or sign up purposes.
  12. Make sure that you are not joining in that particular groups which are formed for making some clicks to each others Google Ads.
  13. Do not publish or design your Google Ads in such a way that a general visitor cannot find any difference between the site content and Google Ads.
  14. You need not to create more than one Adsense account. Because you can publish Google Ads to several websites using a single account.
  15. Make sure that you are not using excessive links on a single page. Google does not approve more than 100 links on a single site page.
  16. Do not buy banned websites for publishing Google Adsense Ads.
  17. Do not sell your Page Rank to others.
These are some common systems to get banned from Google. But it does not mean that these are all of the Google Rules. There are some other rules that could not be noted here. Thousands of people are getting banned from Google now a days. Only because they do not know the rule of getting banned or may be they are not careful about these simple and common rules. That's why everyone should be careful about these points.