Earn with Google Adsense

There is no doubt that any person using internet don't know about Google. A great search engine, a great advertising company, a great employment service maker for the current world. There is no doubt that today's world's most popular search engine is Google. More than 80% search in everyday is happening by Google search engine.

And that's why using this huge popularity Google wants to get some marketing or advertising through a system named Adsense. You can notice "Ads by Google" in most the sites now a days. This is nothing just the Adsense program of Google. This program is run by PPC or Pay Per Click system. When one makes someone to click on the Google Ads, he or she will be paid by Google. It's a totally free program for all. Anyone can work with Google Adsense without any cost. It earns money by displaying Google Ads on the site.

In the year 2010, Google earned 2.04 billion USD ($8.16 billion annualized) or 30% of total revenue, through Google AdSense Program.

To start Google Adsense you have to create a site first. This must may be domain or subdomain or a blog. But a domain is more preferable than sub-domain always. First, you have to make the site or blog as a standard one, a attractive one. Then you have to apply for the job for the Adsense. If your site or blog can maintain the terms and conditions of the Adsense program of Google you will be selected for Adsense program. Then your work is to increase the publicity or increase the increase the traffic of the website or the blog after your site or blog have been selected for Adsense program.

When your site is selected for Adsense program, only then your work is started. You have to generate idea for making its publicity, for increasing visitors or increasing traffic. There are lots of ways to make the publicity of a blog site or your site. Some main of them are like followings-

1. To increase page-rank in search engines, you have to make back links from other websites of identical theme.

2. You have to publish your site or blog to most of the popular search engines.

3. You have to publish your site to all popular internet directories.

4. You have to advertise your website or blog address in your name cards, posters or banners.

5. You have to put your website's address as signature in emails or forum posts always .

To know more about Google Adsense visit the following ling below-


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