Success in Affiliate Program

There are a lot of sites for affiliate marketing. Amazon and Commission Junction are the two sites listed in the top. Here is something you may need to get success in Affiliate program -

  • Go to the site and complete sign up first to work here.
  • Make product link with the product you want to do marketing.
  • You can do several links with only a single account.
  • Submit your link banners in your website or blog in such a position that every visitor can notice it easily.
  • Visit the online selling store of the developed country. There you will get some free site where you can publish your link address very easily.
  • Search in Google for Online Selling Store in America, Online selling store in London, Online selling store in Canada, Online selling store in Australia and the selling stores of some other developed countries and publish your link there hugely.
  • You can also create an own site for your online selling store for different types of banners of different types of products.
  • Write down shortly there that which products are under such banners.
  • Be careful that every banner should be in same shaped.
  • Name the blog title as My Online Selling Store.
  • Again search in Google for “How to success in affiliate program”.
  • You can get millions of tips for success there.
  • Add more and more western friends in the social network everyday and publish your link or site there hugely.
  • Publish your link in the American forums and European forums also.

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