Helpful Freelancer Information

After logging in freelancer you can change your personal information, you can see the project you have bid, your account balance, money withdrawal system and so on from the “Manage Account” page. This page consists of the following divisions-

News for members :
In this page you will get the latest result of the site, different types of helping information which are helpful for new users. So, new users should read the information thoroughly.

Account details :
In this page there are different types of helping link, the latest situation of your balance, the link of your profile, the link to be a gold member, the link to withdraw money and so on.

Edit account information :
You can change you personal information and can change your profile information.

Buyer activity :
You can work here as a buyer and can submit your project and can make the other providers to work in the project. May be you are going to fail in a working project. Then you can create a project and give the incomplete part to get help from other buyers.

Provider activity :
In this page you can manage your projects bid on, rating, buyer review and so on.

Affiliate activity :
You can do extra income from this site without working from this directly. And you can do this by making someone registered in freelancer. You will get a link called referral link and make publicity on this link to some other sites and email. The amount the referral users will earn, you will get 4% of money from the freelancer.

Payment transactions :
In this page you will get the information about withdraw money, see balance, escrow payment, transfer money etc.

Why better than
Here, the bid is open that means when a provider bids on a project, bid rate, deadline time, bidding time, bidding comments are visible by the other providers. That’s why it makes competition among the other providers, although it makes some problems with the new providers. Because here some providers make their bid rate higher to make the average rate higher and in the PM he decreases the rate to get the work. But it should be kept in mind that it the buyer don’t check the PM, the buyer will not get your message that you want to do the work with lower bid. So be careful about the PMB.

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