Withdraw Money from Freelancer

Freelancer is a meeting place where different types of freelancer providers, different types of businessman and for different types of freedom workers. Here a buyer introduces and submits a project and in the mean time a provider will give services according to the buyer need and for a particular payment. In this site, workers are known as provider. As the site commission is low and there are facilities for gold members and trial projects there are thousands of people being registered everyday. Right at this moment there are 700,000 plus members in this site. Again the projects in this site is not also low. There are lots of works coming in every sections everyday. Approximately more than 3000 projects are adding in freelancer everyday. Programming, graphics design, data entry, data procession, copy writing, web developing, market research, search engine optimization, web promotions etc are some of important categories of freelancer. More or less every types of computer works are here in this site.

Ways of withdrawing money :
There are several ways of withdrawing money from freelancer.com and they are through debit card, moneybookers, wire transfer etc. The easiest way of withdrawing money is through debit card. If you have 30 dollar in your site account you can be registered for this debit card from this site. And this card will reach in your address within 15 to 20 business days. And through this you can withdraw money from the ATM booths of different online bank.

Facilities for GOLD members :
There is a facility of being gold member in freelancer. If you want to be a gold member is freelancer, you need to pay 12 dollars per months to freelancer. But you need not to give commission after each project whereas the others businessman have to give the 10% commission of the project. If you are a general provider you can bid 30 bids month whereas a gold member can bid upto 160 bids per month. There are lots of projects in this site where only gold members can bid.
There is a "G" sign besides the name of each gold which indicates their gold membership. As there is a gold status besides their name there is a good probability of winning projects for the gold members.

For new members there are trial projects in freelancer. Here only new provides can bid. So that through these trial projects new users can easily complete their first work. But remember that after completing a project and after getting feedback from a buyer you cannot bid on these trial projects.

Some guidelines for freelancer providers
You should not start work without getting a complete conception on the particular project. Buyer may not note his asking in the project so you have to ask all to him. You have to ask the requirement into your own language. So that you will get the asking of the buyer and your work will be easier than before. Buyer will be glad with your question and be confirm you really want to do the work.
After getting a work a buyer generally keep money in escrow function. So that your probability of getting payment after finishing will be confirmed. Divide the full work with several divisions. And show it to buyer after completion of each small part.
Before getting the time finished, finish your work and submit your work. Before submitting your work check again and again that the buyer requirement is completed.

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