Freelancer Projects

Budget :
Here the budget of the project is shown. When you are bidding you have to select the budget into the limit given there.

Project creator :
In this part, there shows the rating and feedback of the buyer of the project. There is button here to post PM to the buyer in this section. You can only post PM after bidding on a project.

Description :
Here are the project description given. But generally buyers will not give full information of the project work in this section. So after bidding you have to communicate with the buyer through posting PM.

View Project Certification Board :
If you are unable to understand a small of the project work you can communicate with the buyer through this section and it is visible to the other providers and the other providers can also give their consent on it. The main target of this section is to clear the work of the project through the participation of the providers.

Bid on this project :
At last after checking all the part of a project you have to click on the button. There will appear a new page containing a small form to be filled to apply for the particular project. There will be several boxes there. In the first one you have to give the asking rate for this project. In the second one you have to give the time you need to finish the project actually. The third one is for the advance payment if you need from the buyer. And the last one is called cover letter for this project. If you have something more to know about the project work you can post PM also from there.

Response of the other providers :
In this section you will find the activities of the other providers who have already bid on the project before you. Here provider's name, country, bidding money, milestone payment, bidding time, provider rating and some words written in as cover letter will be shown. It will help you make bid like some other professionals.

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