Earn with Odesk

"Odesk" is the name of a worlds one of the greatest freelancing company. It is a private company which is established in 2003 in California in America. The founder of this company is Odysseas Tsatalos and Stratis Karamanlakis. Now its headquarter is in Menlo Park in California.

Odesk.com creates a huge job marketplace in the online world. A freelancer provider can get a job and complete it staying in the remote corner of the world. Odesk.com generally provides hourly jobs although there are a lots of projects there which are not hourly and these are called fixed priced job.

Odesk.com provides you the assurance of payment mostly in compared to the other freelanceing companies. They are making money by charging membership fees and by taking a part of the payment. The part might be range from 4% to 15% generally. As a employer a buyer can post his job in odesk.com for free of charge. Also a provider can bid for a work for fully free of charge.

How much bid a freelancer provider can do might be a question for someone. Bids are varying with completing profile percentage. Such as if your profile seems to be 20% complete you can bid in 1 project per week. Again if your profile is 80% or more you can bid in 7 projects per week. When you can upgrade your profile in 100% you can bid in 15 projects per week.

Profile completing depends on filling the "My Public Profile", "Portfolio Projects", "Employment History", "Education", "Certifications, "Skills", "Categories", "Other Experiences" forms. Taking various test is another way to make the profile higher in odesk.com. Profile upgrade is necessary in odesk because a buyer check the profile before awarding a provider for a job.

Odesk generally recommends hourly jobs for most ongoing work efforts, although fixed-price jobs can be appropriate for a smaller and well-defined project. Fixed-price jobs is generally for shorter projects. These fixed-price projects can also be used as a test tasks to give contractors as a trial run before hiring them for longer hourly work. And that's why fixed-price job is also important for providers and buyers. On the other hand, hourly jobs are much more flexible. One can have full access to Odesk’s time tracking and Work Diary functions. And the "hour paid is an hour that was worked" guarantee behind it. In ODesk the hourly jobs are long-lasting and building a very successful relationships.

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