Working in Odesk

There are two types of user accounts for Odesk providers. One is for freelancing providers and another is for provider companies. If you want to work there distinctively select the freelance provider option. Complete registration providing your personal information. After completing registration create your profile taking some time. There are some divisions of a provider’s profile like the followings-

My account Summary :
In this part you have to fill up with some information like your personal information, asking rate per hour, maximum working time per week etc. Before working in Odesk you have to give a test called “Odesk Readiness Test”. Readiness test is such type of exam where you are interviewed that whether you have understood the policy of working in Odesk or not. For taking the exam in Odesk click the link named “Take the Odesk Readiness Test”. The exam is for one hour. There are 11 questions and you have to answer all the questions perfectly to work on Odesk. The exam is an open book exam. You can get help from the manual of Odesk providing by Odesk during exam. So before taking exam read the whole manual thoroughly.

To make your Odesk profile 100% complete you have to do some necessary steps like followings. Log in Odesk first. Roll over the mouse on your username on the top right corner of the Odesk window. Go to the account and profile settings and click there. Click on the “My provider profile” then. Follow the instruction given below and also click in the my test option and take some other test. Now your profile is 100% clear.

Portfolio Projects :
You can add details of your previous work description, picture and attachment in this part.

Employment History :
If you have experience of working in some other companies you can add in this section.

Education :
Note down your educational qualification in this part.

Certifications :
In this part note down the passed test results.

Skills :
Note down your skills in different types of works and systems.

Categories & Job Alerts :
Note down the types of work you want to do in Odesk as a provider.

Other Experiences :
You have some more skill and experience in more sections and works you can add here in this section.

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