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"Getafreelancer" is the former name of "Freelancer".

This website provides online job marketplace for the online freelancer provider. The workers can do their job from any corner of the world anytime in the day according to his ability of work.

Buyers are the only source of the works or projects in freelancer. A buyer may be a individual person or a company. The buyers put the projects in freelance because they can get the complete work easily and rapidly. To do this every buyer must register in freelancer as a buyer and complete his buyer profile first.

There are two types of providers account in the freelancer. "Basic Member" and "Gold Member" are there type. For the basic members every buyer has to pay 3 USD or 3% of the total project as project fee. Again another 5 USD is to be paid by the buyer when the project is posted and this amount of dollar is refundable. To keep themselves as a buyer, every buyer must agree and maintain the terms and condition of the freelancer site. There are 6 ranges of project budget. And every buyer must have to follow that.

Providers are main strength of the freelancer site. A provider may be a individual person or a team. They can work for as part time job or full time job. There payment may be per day or weekly or monthly or per project as the wish of the respective buyer. Signing up in freelancer.com is totally free for a provider. If the provider wants to get a Gold Membership only then he has to pay 19.95 USD per month. Geting a job or bidding for a job is also free for a freelancer provider. He has to pay 5% or 10% of his earning only when he wins in a project or he is selected for a project. A basic member can bid upto 25 bids per month where a gold member can bid 150 bids per month. A provider has to be expert in different section to get a handsome income from here.

Payment system in freelancer is also much more easier. A provider can withdraw his money from his account thought paypal, monerbookers and some other payment systems. A project is won by a provider after a mutual understanding between buyer and provider and a fixed project price is made between them.

is an Australian company now. The company is founded in Sweden in 2004. At present its headquarter is in New South Wales in Sydney in Australia. It is a limited company. This is the logo of freelancer.com

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