Success in Freelancer

Success does not come automatically. One has to work hard and has a good knowledge of working system in freelancer to be success in

Signing in freelancer is very much easier than getting success in freelancer. You need to be familiar with the system of bidding in freelancer. You need to make your profile higher. You skills and Vision and Keywords should be made good. Your asking for money per hour might also be an important factor for getting the work.

Freelance Jobs

Success in Freelancer depends on your skill also. If you are not so much skilled in different types of programming, programming language, website developing language, English handling skill etc. there are also projects for you in freelancer only if can type A, B, C, D,........ sitting before a keyboard. If you worked hard about 6-8 hours per day for data entry like captcha entry you can earn 60-80 USD per month. In the view of an Bangladeshi this 80 dollar is not so much little as you know around 5600 BDT.
If you are skilled in a little bit highly project like HTML, Javascript etc. there might be a small competition between the providers. Generally in this type of project there might not be so much providers in a simple project. So your winning for a bid will be very much easier than other easy working project like data entry, data processing etc.

One has to give attention on cover letter in freelancer to get success in freelancer. After bidding on a project there comes a form details for a bid. Firstly the rate for the respective project. You have to make your asking quite lower to win the bidding in the project. Then comes the finishing time for the project. You have to make the time as lower as possible to win the project. After that the most important parts for a bid, the cover letter.

To improve your cover letter you can see the other cover letters of the providers of the respective projects noted down below the description of the project. There you will get some more themes for writing a cover letter for the project. You can also give personal message to the buyer in the PMB option. But the buyers will not check the personal message every time, so your application might be unnoticed by the buyer in case of the sudden accident. So it is good to write on the first form. The writings should be related to the project.

A good cover letter should include some followings like-
  • Respect to the buyer
  • About the work of the project
  • Payment medium
  • Payment duration
  • Working hour
  • Minimum time for work etc.

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