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Cadabra.com is the former name of Amazon.com. If is one of the world's most powerful sites. It's called an online retailer company. Different types of buying and selling are happening here everyday between millions of people around the world. It is a Multinational Electronic Commerce Company located in USA. The headquarter of the is situated in Seattle in Washington.

It started it's online facility in 1995. Before that in 1994 Jeffrey P. Bezos started the company as an online selling store or bookstore like selling CDs, DVDs, downloading MP3s, computer softwares, games, electronics, and furnitures.

Within some days it widened its business area in some other countries like Germany, Japan, Canada, France, China, Korea etc where they provide shipping facilities and retail products in these countries initially. And at present its service is worldwide. More than 24 thousand are working in the online retailer company.

At present the company retails thousands of types of items like books, musics, CDs, DVDs, softwares, videotapes, kitchen items, tools, electronics items, garden items, toys, baby products, video games, apparel, groceries, watches, sporting goods, jewelry, health items, beauty products, clothing, musical instruments, industrial items, scientific items etc. Around 1 million visitor visits the website of the company.

Amazon keeps a way to everyone to advertise its product worldwide and to earn as the commissions of selling the products he has advertised. This is called affiliate programs of amazon. Its like a dealership business but its area is the whole world anywhere anytime. For this one has to build a online selling store. Amazon gives the opportunity to create the selling store.

To do this first one has to sign in Amazon Associates with his personal e-mail address. The account should be verified afterwords. Payment system should be checked for that like which way you want to transect your earning commission from amazon account or you want to earn product from the commission you have earned. After complete and successful you have to build the online selling store first.

You have to go to the "astore" option and check the items you want to advertise for. Generally the items should be familiar with you so that you can make its best advertisement. Categories and sub-categories should be selected then. You can make a good looking store by designing the selling store through design options. At last you will get the link of your online selling store.

Now your work is to advertise the link so that customers visit your selling store and buy products form amazon.com. There lies a percentage of commission one will get after selling a product. You should check it first. You can add your selling also. To do this you have again go to the astore option and do the same thing again stated before and make the publicity of both the links.

You also have to increase visitor to increase selling of your online selling store. To do this you can follow some most popular 5 ways like followings-

1. You have to publish your links to most of the popular social sites.

2. You have to publish your links to most of the popular internet directories.

3. You have to advertise your links in your name cards, posters or banners.

4. You have to put your link address as signature in emails or forum posts.

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