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All of us is well known to the term "Forum". This is nothing but an online community.

Now a question may arise that why I need to use a Forum or the online community!

Yes! Some causes might be responsible for it. Here some causes are noted like the below-
  1. Acquiring a wide variety of knowledge on known and unknown topics.
  2. Creating an online community necessary for you to earn money online.
  3. Advertising you site for increasing traffic.
  4. Quickly indexed by Search Engine spider.
  5. Increasing PR.
Now, telling more about it.
Generally a forum includes some categories around its theme. So there are thousands of visitors everyday who will post thread and do some posting against each thread. So you can check out lots of threads about what you don't know actually or you have some confusions actually. Again you can ask some questions which you don't know fully as a thread. Of course you will get the answers from there. Again sometimes you have some ideas that you want to share with some people then you can share it as a thread too.

After some days through your nice posting and excellent thread you will get familiarized with the other regular members of the forum. And then all of them are your friends now. You can start now start something anew now. You can work as a community now. It will obviously increase your comfort to earn online.

When writing your post or thread there will sometimes appear a option name "Signature". You can attach a link into your signature. And of course your site address. To do this you can go to the setting option of the forum and edit signature. Some forums follow the rules that you need to post a particular number of posting before editing your signature. Again some forums do not support attaching link with the signature at all. So doing that just check out the rules of the forum you have signed up.

Generally forums have high page rank and indexed well by search engines. So when you will write a nice thread or posting into the forum search engines will indexed your thread also.

Luckily if you can include your site address into a forum thread or posting in a high pang ranked forum your site page rank will also be increased. And if the forum supports do follow link then your site page rank will develop within days.

So there is no doubt that forum are also a vital part of online earning. Participate in different forums and widen your knowledge and ways of earning money online.


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