Develop your Site -1

Introduction :
Search Engine Optimization is a powerful ways to increase visitors in your site. Applying SEO you can bring your site at the top of the search engine search. SEO will increase your visitors and they will click on the Adsense in your site and it will make your extra income. Using SEO one can easily increase visitors. There is some important pages about this Search Engine Optimization the following section below-

What is Google Adsense and how if works :
Google Adsense is an advertising program of Google. It is in fact a genuine earning program. Suppose your site is about 'Computer". Now your site content should be on computer only so that Google makes ads of computer related topics. Because one will search in your about the computer related topic. But in this site if the Google ads is on a microchips, it can easily be told there is less posibily of visiting the ads by a visitor. So be realistic about your topic.

Download helpful E-book on SEO :
Go to the following site to download free Search Engine Optimization Toolkit E-book.

Make ready for Ads :
How much people are visiting your site everyday? Between them how much are clicking on your Google Ads, should be known by you everyday. And for this a counter will help you like the following counter. Go to the site and add counter on your site.

Use of good software and tools :
You have to think about the design of site first. There should not be use of any shortcut way to design it. You have to describe your site content thoroughly. There is no mercy as a new comer here! Be careful about the asking of the visitors and make the design thinking about it. Suppose you went to a shop to buy something. If the shop contents are displayed well you increase a willingness to buy something. On the other hand, if you saw the shop contents are here and there and not well organized you don' t have any willingness to buy product from there. And the same thing is happened in you site. So make the products well organized.

Design your Web Page :
To design your web page you need not to know essentially any high class language. You can use some beautiful template in your site. You can visit some big companies web page and get some extra themes from there and make your site as a professional one. You can also use Microsoft Front Page Program to design your site. Again you download free templates from the following link.
The middle portion of your webpage should be white colored. Using of so many colors can make your visitor in a fix.

A nice Subject theme :
A good subject topic can bring your site on the top of the search engine. But be careful that if you use a single subject again and again in your first page you adsense with be canceled. Anyway, you should use a good headline for every topic so that the headline will be easily searched by search engine like 'top ten online earner', 'real online earning', 'free software download', 'top download' etc. Finally your topic will make your web page in front of a visitor from the billions of web site.

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