Develop your Site - 2

No need of excessive types of information :
In a single page you should not include lots of types of information. For this one should maintain some rules and regulations. One single topic is enough for a single page. That means, you should use different pages for different topics of information. Again if you need multiple topic in a single you should keep in mind that these information might not make visitors in a fix.

So how much information :According to your website topic your writings should be a standard size. Be careful that it will finish within a paragraph only. If your Adsense ads are under the half of the page and if your writings are less than half of the page, the visitors will never click on the Ads. Think your website like a book. In every page the content should attract the visitors to read the next pages and make them to know more about the topics and click on the Ads of your pages. Make some related page link on your site like the following links given below-

Keywords :
Make your headline according to your subject topics. Because through this headline search engine will find your site from thousands of sites. Your headline should be similar with the website content. If your content is not related with the site content your site will be banned in the search engine because Google uses a high quality software to catch that whether he site content is related or not. There are some software which makes a nice headline for search engine. You can use then to get a nice headline. You can visit the following site for the recently most visited topic in the search engine.

You can also use some mechanical headline in your site which will be noticed from every page. You can also use files in that part. To make such types of file you can go to the following link given below -

Use site Map & Update your site regularly :
If there is updated news in your site visitors will visit your site more than once and perhaps everyday. Name your page. It helps your site to make at the first of the search engine. Use site map for your site. Site map really indicated that which contents are inside your site. One can search them though your site. Site map also helps you site to increase your position through a search software named "Google Spider". You can add free HTML box in your profile. You can get it from the following address-
You can add YahooGroups in your site like the following picture given below-

You can use a free news template from the following link given below -
Free News Letter Templates
You can also add your site through Google Adwords.
Like Google you can also add your site through the following program.
Affiliate Program - Linkshare

To use eye tracker and get help from the program follow the given link below-

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