Registration in Freelancer

To get registered in freelancer click on “Register” button in the home page. Follow the instructions given below –

Step – 1 : New User Signup

Username :
Take a username that is different from others and is needed when you have to log in next time.

Email Address :
Give here your email address.

Terms and Condition :
Select it if you agree with the terms and condition of freelancer.

Gold Member :
Select it if you want to be a gold member. But you should not select it first time you are in registering in freelancer. You can be a gold member next time when you are familiar with this mostly.

Step 2 : Email Verification

After completing the step 1 a verification email is sent in your given email address. With this email a verification link and code will be sent. You can verify your account in two ways –

1. Click on the verification link to verify your account.

2. Copy the code and paste it to your account where it is needed.

And this system is done only because to be sure that you are the real owner of the given email address.

Step 3 : User Profile

This is the last step of the registration. This is divided into some important stages-

Account details :
In this part your full name, company name or post name and the password you need to log in will be given.

Address details :
In this part you have to give your full address.

Notifications :
To know about the new projects through email you have to select this.

Service provider profile :
In this part you have to check the category of the works you want to do. And make a profile noting down your working profile. Because the buyers will give him work according to this profile. With this profile you can add your own picture or the logo of your company.

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