How Odesk Works

Need skilled person :
To realize the activities of Odesk you can read down the following example thoroughly. Suppose, Mr. Smith is an British wants to establish a Web Designing agency. So he needs a skilled team for this agency where the members will provide website programming in low price than the market. And for this online freelancer is the only liking for Mr. Smith. But to manage several people in the same time in online is too difficult to do. Again if Mr. Smith needs several workers to work in a single project what should be done?

Provide Service :
So Mr. Smith gets a solution from Odesk now. He creates an account in Odesk and create some employment facilities in the Programmer, Graphics Designer and Data Entry Sections. After sometimes there are 10 different applications for job in every section. Every applied candidate has a profile in Odesk, his working history and feedback from other buyers. After observing some profile, cover letter, portfolio and different certificate he selected some candidates for his projects.

Employment :
After communicating with the candidates through email or messenger chat Mr. Smith selected three candidates finally. These candidates are Mr. Gorge from Bolivia, Mr. Courtney from America and Mrs. Daniel from Russia. Mr. Smith selected them for hourly payment.

Team Management :
Everyday when these three candidates start working they run a software which send screenshot and some other information to the Odesk server. And on the other side Mr. Smith can know the latest news of his work and working skill of the contractor.

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