What is Odesk?

Odesk is an freelancing marketplace where around 100 thousand contractors are working right now. Right as this moment, when you are reading this article there are more than 4 thousand projects running in Odesk.

There are two types of jobs in Odesk. They are fixed price job and hourly job. But Odesk is popular for its hourly job. And working with hourly job you can earn more in comparison with the other freelancing sites of the world. You can compare Odesk a virtual office where you can work staying in a particular time as your wish. In this time what you are doing will be recorded by a software and will be sent to the buyer after a particular time through screenshot. You are paid just on what you have done. You are paid extra if you do some extra works too. And this site takes 10% charge as commission.

Right now Odesk is becoming more and more popular among the providers of the developing countries. There are more than five thousand providers who have already completed their registration in Odesk and among them lots of providers have already worked more than 500 hours in Odesk.

There are data entry operator, software development consultant, website developer, writer and also some professional Bangladeshi providers working in Odesk at this moment. It is expectable that the youth of developing countries can make Odesk as a virtual office and solve the unemployment problem of the particular countries.

Description of a project in Odesk
After logging in Odesk go to the Find Jobs tab and select the category you like to work. There is huge information about the project in the project description page. If you want to work on a particular project you have to apply for the project. But remember that before doing so, you must have to pass the “Odesk Readiness Test”. There are so many projects in Odesk where you have to show the certificate of different project you have attended. So taking so many test can increase the possibly of getting the job more quickly. If you are selected for a project by the buyer you have to install a software named “Odesk Team” and start working staying logged in.

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