Success in Freelancer - 2

Are you a freelancer? Want to build up a career with Freelancer? We think this tips can make you to reach the highest goal of success...

  • Read through the terms and conditions of thoroughly.
  • Sign up there firstly and give the information they need there in the site database.
  • Before you are going to bid for a work, be sure that you can really do the work after winning the bid.
  • For this you can make a list first that what types of work really you can do.
  • Bid minimum 2-3 bids per day.
  • Check your inbox regularly because if a buyer wants to give you work he or she will contact with you through message generally.
  • If you get a message from a buyer you have to reply to buyer to know the followings-
# what is the work
# where should you have to work like website etc.
# where he will pay you
# payment is weekly or monthly
# advance payment
  • How you have to start your work should be known from the buyer before starting the work.
  • Take you time from the buyer as the works will be finished by you.
  • Bid at least 30 bids per month
  • Stop bidding if you get a work just as you like it.
  • Do not depends on data entry works only.
  • If you have knowledge on MS-Word at lest you have lots of types of work to do. Search then thoroughly.
  • Be industrious, be careful about the work you are doing.
  • Because if you are not careful to your work buyer will give the work to some other persons.
  • Sometimes buyer will make objections against you to the freelancer authority that you are not doing your work properly.
  • When you are working on captcha entry work and the images will come so much slower tell the buyer that it is not possible to work there, the buyer might take necessary steps to make coming the steps so much faster.
  • If you have noticed that you are getting payment rightly you should take some more ID from the buyer and give the work to your some other house members and other persons who are unemployed and want to do this types of works.
  • If you have more serious problem write to me for solving your problem.
  • Search in Google for success in to get more tips and information for this site.

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