Success in Freelancing Program

If you are a freelancer and make your career in freelancing world this tips can help you something-

  1. Read through the full terms and condition where you want to work for.
  2. Complete the sign up and give information about you.
  3. If you are interested mainly in Odesk, make your profile 100% first.
  4. To make your profile 100% fill up the necessary information in contractor profile section, take the Odesk Readiness Test and take some other easier exams like MS Word Test, Windows XP Test, English Spelling Test etc.
  5. Think before bidding for a project that whether this work will be possible for you or not.
  6. You can make a list for the work you can do, so that it can be easy for you to bid in freelancing sites.
  7. Bid at least 2-3 bids everyday until you get a work from these freelancing program.
  8. Check your inbox regularly in both freelancer and odesk.
  9. Be sure about your work before starting it in the freelancing sites.
  10. Ask the buyer about the work, where to work, payment system and payment method.
  11. Ask the buyer about how the work should be start.
  12. Bid hourly project more than fixed projects in Odesk.
  13. Download the Odesk software when working in Odesk.
  14. Bid at least 60-70 bids per month from these two sites.
  15. Stop bidding when you get work in freelancing sites.
  16. Do not depend on data entry work only.
  17. Try to learn more types of work everyday and be professional to success in freelancing sites.
  18. Be industries, be careful about the work and be communicative with the buyer.
  19. Tell buyer if you are facing problems in doing the project work in the freelancing sites.
  20. If it is so late to get your debit card, inform it the customer care of the particular master card company.
  21. Do not depend on master card only. Because there are some other method through which you can withdraw money.
  22. Learn the computer programs so that you can get high priced job from these freelancing sites.
  23. Search in Google about the success in freelancing sites.

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