Develop your Site - 3

Here are some important point your can note down to develop your site for Adsense and also will be helpful for search engine optimization -
  1. Give your site back line in different sites which is important for your page rank.
  2. Keep the site background and the Ad background same color.
  3. Between the writings and under the navigation bar use your Ads.
  4. Use the domain name as a easy name so that the visitor don't have to be hesitate with the address.
  5. Comment everywhere with a full positive approach.
  6. Make social network using different groups and communities.
  7. Write article of popular topics in different blogs.
  8. Comment is different sites of different countries and use your domain address as your ID.
  9. Give different for different posts.
  10. Do not use frame and iframe.
  11. Use updated, popular and peculiar content in your blog site.
  12. Make your link and subdomain clean and clear.
  13. Design in such a way that page viewers can easily find there wants at a glance.
  14. Share video using url address.
  15. Graphics, flash, movie clip, pop-up, sound have no value for search engine. So it should not use much time to make them very nice.
  16. Be careful that all your keywords are popular.
  17. Use alt tag for each pictures in your blog.
  18. Use deep link and non anchor text in your blog.
  19. If possible use personal domain.
  20. Use RSS Feed.
  21. Keep HTML clean and clear.
  22. Use sitemap in your site.
  23. Make different file for Java and CSS.
  24. Make the link clear to eye of visitors.
  25. Use Google and Webmaster service for increasing visitors.
  26. You can use analytic service to increase visitor.
  27. Use popular keywords in your writings and keep your tagged keyword covoring 6-10% of your writings.
  28. Update your site everyday if it possible for you.
  29. Keep distance from copy pasting and the cheating with the viewers.
  30. Advertise your site in the popular sites.
  31. Search for Free Ad posting in Bangladeshi sites, Free Ad posting in Indian sites, Free ad posting in American sites. Give your site ad there.
  32. Search in Google for free web submit and add your site in top level search engines.
  33. Write hugely about your site in the online forum.

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