Construction of Your Site Page

Some unordered system of constructing a page should not be approved because it will not be informative and does not have the character of rhythmic. So you must have to maintain some rules when constructing your site page. Here are some basics about it-

Site Creator Information :
Every site should have the information of its creator. If possible it should be given in every page. It includes phone number, mobile number, email address, fax number, other site address and so on, so that the visitors are always in touch with the creator.

Under Construction Page :
The page which has the content like under construction should be removed from the site. Because the page does not have any value to the visitors. At the same time it decreases the quality of the site to the search engine as well as visitors.

Site Loads :
Site loads are generally means that background sound, autoplay music, autoplay video, high resolution pictures, lots of gadgets etc. If it needs a long time to load your site visitor will be decreased to your site and receive low class rating to the search engine.

Briefly Writing :
Your text writing should be brief and short but informative. It should be brief because more than 75% visitors will not read your site content thoroughly. They just roll their eyes through your content called scanning.

Key Point :
Write your text in such a way that the key point of your writing are easily caught when someone starts reading your text content. Again if it not and the content is huge they are not dare to read it anymore.

Site Color :
The color of your site should not be like something absurd. It should be good, formal and decent. Generally the link colors are blue. Visited links are dark blue or purple colored. Active links are generally in red colors.

Major Page Link :
The links of major pages of the sites should be given in every pages of the site. It will increase the reputation of the site.

Only First Page :
Don’t think like that all the visitors will come into your first page. Because search engine may index any pages of your site form first to last. So emphasize on every pages of your site.

3 Clicks :
Make sure that a visitor can go to every page of your site within three click highest. It will be good if only in one click to anywhere in your site.

Sitemap :
Sitemap tells about the whole map of your site. So use sitemap in your site. It will help to index your site by search engine easily. It also helps the visitors to know each and every content of your site easily like where to go to get the content.

Internal Search Tool :
In a site use of internal search tool plays a vital roll to help visitors to go through the content and pages of your site easily and comfortably. Try to use a internal search tool.

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