Characteristics of a quality comment

We need to know the system of good quality comment to get the good quality backlinks.

So it should be kept in mind that we have to maintain some rules to do some comments to some others website or blogs.

There might be lots of comment types of comment. You can only write "Nice sharing. Thnx". But this is not a nice comment at all. So let's know the ways of making quality comment. 

What we call a good comment is this:

# We must add value to the post, add an interesting idea, add a new vision about the topic
# Stay on the topic of the post, don't talk about something else
# Make a joke about something in the post if it possible.
#  Quote a sentence of the post and write a few lines about it (like: you said in the second paragraph "bla bla" but I dont think like thisbla bla)
# Reply to a previous commenter (like "@henry : I think you're right, but...")
# Never say only "good post", or "useful information", these comments will be marked as spam always time!
# Write at least 4 lines for each comment.
# Write in your best english!  The reason is that a comment written in a poor english is often marked as spam! # Please correct your mistakes before submitting your comment.

Blog Commenting is an important part of Link building or Backlinking. And Backlinking is an important part of Search Engine Optimization. So do the advertising in online Quality Blog commenting a must. It will help you to increase your earning online. 

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