Facebook Like : Facebook Promotion

Another nice and upcoming website is Facebook Promotion. It has almost the same mechanism as YouLikeHits do.

Just make an account there as quickly as you can.

You will get 50 points in the starting position. You have to like someone's facebook page to earn points. With these points you can make someone to like your page. After signing up you need to add your facebook page with full url of your facebook page like http://www.facebook.com/jacksonitworldnet

Again you can share some other information to earn point. And you need to loose some points to make someone to share your information url.

Advantages :
The main advantages of this site is that, here to like a page it need not to open the page. You can like it without opening the page. You can like it directly from the site. So less effort with higher benefit. The work will be much more faster.


  1. where is the link for this site?

  2. nevermind i found it: http://www.facebookpromotions.com/

  3. I'm looking at setting up a Facebook page so this is quite useful.

  4. http://www.facebookpromotions.com/

    this is the link

  5. I just use www.fblikesyou.com to get fast facebook likes, they're free and within 2 days I got about 250 likes. Great user interface too! Highly recommend it! They also got this referral promotion going monthly where you can get Point Packages too. They also have live support which is pretty rare for sites these days. Anyway great article though. I enjoyed reading it, just offering my input. Good day.

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