Increase Facebook Fans

1. Suggest for liking your page:
 In your facebook fan page there appears a option named "suggest friend" or "invite friends". Click on the link and select all of your friend shown there.

Select ALL to get the quick likes. Remember in this way you can just 20-40% likes from your friends. You can use it just for once.

2. Add Widget to your website:
There are several types of facebook widget that can be used in your website to like the page directly from your website.
If you have high traffic in your site and you have customer oriented content to your site you will get rapid traffic from the widget.

3. Add the fan page url as Email Signature:
You can attach signature in your email as the facebook fan page. It will also make some valuable traffic.As the email is always private the people will be much more interested about your link.
4. Link with Twitter Account:
You can link up your facebook account with twitter account. So that twitter users can visit your facebook posts and can link your page. 
5. Add a link to your personal facebook profile:
In your facebook personal profile you can add a link of you fan page to the contact page. You can keep it just under your photo.