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Promoting website is a vital  factor for the developer. And for this increasing site traffic is an important part of this promotion. Lots of ways we know, but here is a new and innovative way.

There are three types of visitors mainly. One is regular visitor who visits your site and check out every part of your site. These visitors are of course important for you. But to get these types of visitors you have maintain some quality of your page otherwise it will not be possible.

Again there are some other visitors who are brought to site by force. There visitors are also important sometimes but not every time. Here I am writing about some new method of increasing visitors by force.

The keyword is YouLikeHits

Sign up there. A nice policy is applied here. Everytime you do something will increase your point and every time someone does something for you will decrease your point. So you need to make your point every time you have to make your work.

You can increase your twitter follower by YouLikeHits. Add your twitter profile url here in this site to increase your twitter follower. Your twitter profile url is something like this - To get the follower quickly you can increase your asking point here. Here you can set your point from 2 to 10. Again you can follow someone others to increase your point.
You can increase you facebook page like. Set your facebook page by your facebook page url. Your facebook page url will be something like this - You can Like some other pages to get some point. When someone like your page some points will be cut from your account.

You can increase your digg follower. Set your digg username. Follow some others to increase your point and followed by other will decrease your point.

Again you can increase your Youtube subscriber, Myspace impression, Stumbleupon followers in the same way. You can increase your site visitors directly by setting up your site. By referring someone you will also increase 50 points. 

To follow someone or to like a facebook page what to do? Firstly you have to follow someone and finally confirm it. Only after doing these two things you will get the point. Otherwise your point will not be counted.


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