Add Share Button to Your Site

Sharing is somehow an important phenomenon for a site. Now a day almost every site has the share buttons. Again the free sites and blogs provide automatic sharing button on their gadget. To advertise your site or blog to other site sharing button is a vital fact. Their is no doubt that it will increase huge traffic if you can keep your advertising in track.

There are so many ways you can add the share button on your site. When using facebook you will see the share button of facebook. The code need to get the share button. Again when using twitter you will see the tweet button. Blogger, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Google, all of these have share button. Like these sites almost every popular site has its share button. 

So now, the fact is that how can I get this share button on my site or blog. And which design of sharing button should I chose. You can certainly add some HTML or JavaScript code to your site in a suitable place to add the sharing button. There are so many ways from where you will the sharing buttons. Here are some sources given below.

Again the consideration of the sharing button should be according to your site design and color combination. Here are two pictures shown which are taken from different sites. Now here is the code for blogger service.
Download the code from the following link.


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