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There is no doubt that social bookmarking shortly known as bookmarking is a vital part of Search Engine Optimization. Now a days this part of SEO is also very much popular. Again it will be much more better if the bookmarking site will be highly page ranked to the search engine. Because every bookmark will get you a quality backlink. And a highly page ranked bookmark will get you a highly page ranked backlink. 

That's why to optimize one's site for search engine he has to master some techniques of bookmarking. That's why here is a nice and easy way of bookmarking for a large number of renowned sites. A nice and easy technique it is also. 

Simply go to the following site noted here.
Here you will  get a numbers of social bookmarking site's name including the links. And in the right side of the page you will get a filling up space. 

Give your site url or the bookmarking url you need to bookmark. Give the title of the bookmarking url. Assert some additional information about your site in the text section. And finally make some keyword of your site or page content to the tag section. Now, click on the "Generate" button to generate a ready made link to submit your site to each of the listed bookmarking sites. Press the "POST" button on bookmarking site you need to bookmark now from the left side list.

Be sure that you have been a registered member of the particular bookmarking site like Digg, Stumble Upon, reddit etc. Otherwise you will not be able to bookmark on the particular selected site. 

Help : Biggan Projukti


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