Increasing Traffic : Bookmarking 2

StumbleUpon :
StumbleUpon is a very important site for social bookmarking. Within all of the bookmarking site it has the highest Page Rank. It also brings lots of instant traffics to your site. First, sign up there and after logging in you will got the home page of stumbleupon. Just go the Favorite Tab. On the right side, left side of your profile picture you will got a link named "Add a site". Select the url of your webpage and the review of the site. The review should be good enough and standard also. Select one of the modes given below. And finally select Add a site to add your site to the site database of Stumbleupon. Stumbleupon has also toolbar extension for some popular browser like firefox, google chrome, internet explorer, safari, opera etc. It is thus called as discovery engine.

Delicious :
Another nice and very important bookmarking site is delicious. It's another service of Yahoo company. You can specifically sign up here. Again you can sign in with your yahoo id if you have one. Complete the profile to start the delicious account. Select "Save a new bookmark..." from the upper right section of the home page after your logging in there. A box will appear and there will be a option to place your site page url. Give your site url and select Next to go. Provide Title, Tags and Notes there to complete the full process. Save the url there. It has a hot list on its home page. Generally all the urls you have added can be viewed by public. Again you can make them private when you complete the process.

Google Buzz :
This one is going to be famous social bookmarking site now a days. One can use it if he or she has an google account where it might be gmail service. After the compose mail, inbox and sent box you will get a BUZZ option. Select it first, place your site url at the link option there. Submit the url to the friends and some others.

Reddit :
Reddit is again one of the most Page Rank and popular site for the social bookmarking technology. After signing up and logging in successfully, Select "Submit a link" on the upper top section of the site home page. Select it and finish the process by submitting your link.


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