Increase Traffic : Bookmarking 1

Bookmarking known as social bookmarking is another vital way to increase your site traffic or site visitors. Bookmarking means to save your site page url to somewhere. It might in your browser if you want to bookmark the url on your PC. But if you want to do social bookmarking you need to save you site page url on some several bookmarking sites like twitter, digg, delicious, stumbleupon, digo, reddit etc. Besides it will make your sites importance to the search engine. In short this is another nice and easy way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Most of us is well familiar with the social site twitter. It is a social networking site, a social marketing site, a social bookmarking site and so on at the same time. We need to use it's social bookmarking section here! We need to tweet your site links as most as possible in the twitter tweet section. In twitter you will get 140 character to tweet your site link. If the site link is so much large for your site you can shorten your site link from some popular site shortening site like, Tinyurl, Tiny, Google url Shorterner etc. and make your tweet relevant by adding some interesting and useful words with this link. Your twitter account should have a profile picture. You need to have follower as much as possible and more than 300 follower seems standard for your account. To increase follower you can increase your following first.

A most familiar and well known bookmarking site. A nice bookmarking system also. Sign up here and verify your email afterwards. After sign in you will get a "Submit  link" section on the top left section of the home page. Click there and submit your link. It will automatically track your site content then. Just select your category and finish the process. You will submit each page of your site specifically. 

Another popular bookmarking site. This is a service of Yahoo! You need not to sign up here to use this bookmarking service if you have a yahoo account. You can log in the yahoo buzz account with your previous yahoo mail account. Just log in there and you will see a link named, "submit your link" on the top right section of your yahoo buzz home. Submit your site link there. This will also track your site content automatically and publish in yahoo buzz automatically after you give the link there.


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