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A very very common and known terms in now a days is Chating. And with this you also know the term chat room. Generally in good messenger or chat related sites there is a nice system of different chat rooms. Lots of buddies are there for chating.

Look, for advertising something you need some people in a place. If you get a place where lots of people will come for either commercial reason or for entertainment or for some other reason, it will be a great phenomenon for you. And a chat room is nothing but just like this is stated here!

In a chat room there are lots of people who comes generally for some entertainment on any topic. Suppose an example of yahoo chat room is given here. There are lots of chat rooms there like for regional, for computer purpose, for internet purpose, for gaming purpose, for sexual purpose, for loving purpose, for dating purpose, for religious purpose, for political purpose, for business purpose, for cultural purpose and what not! So it can be easily told that thousands of people are here every-time for hundreds of purposes.

Now what's your job here? Remember, creating an online community is a must to earn online. So, if you want to advertise only you cannot advertise more. If should have the intention that you need to appear with someone friendly and he will of course give you the scope for advertising for your site. If not, just create the situation for adverting about your site. Remember that, if you have a relation with some people they will be the regular visitor of your site.

Give your site address into the chat room again and again for 2-3 minutes interval. And of course the chat room should be in the same category that your site category belongs to. Invite some people as much as you can everyday from that chat room for private chat and make some relation with him or her first then tell him or her to visit your site. For your relation he must will visit your site.

Be confident about your advertising. Apply different types of word each and everytime for the advertising of your site. Sometime ask the advertisers like you to know about the way of advertising and tips generally they are using here!

I can mention some of the popular chating site which has popular chat rooms. You can just check them out.
  • Yahoo Chat Rooms
  • Yap Chat Rooms
  • Mig33 Chat Rooms
  • IMVU Chat Rooms
  • ICQ Chat Rooms


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