15 Tips To More Than Double Your Website Traffic

15 Tips To More Than Double Your Website Traffic

Your articles don't get you enough traffic. Why?

If you follow the below tips, there is no reason you won't get the maximum possible traffic. 
1. Make 3 versions for each keyword, not spun rewrites. Each keyword should have absolutely different different content and an unique theme, with separate emphasis. 

2. All 3 articles should be linked to at least one of the other two, preferably both. 

3. Post one on your Wordpress website or blog. One first on ezine and then other article directories. And finally one article should actually be a review, either to sell through CPA or of your website etc. 

4. Distribute all versions through content distribution blogs, forums and article syndication. 

5. Keep a keyword density of around 2% but also use related LSI keywords, once or twice each keyword and about 10 keywords per 500 words. 

6. Never use an article below 500 words and the ideal length is at least 1000 words. 

7. Use the primary keyword once in the first line and once in the last line and at least once in every para. Twice in the title, in the beginning and once in the middle.

8. Use 2 titles, both slightly edited and with a slightly modified primary keyword. 

9. Use Wordpress as far as possible. 

10. Emphasize on long tail keywords instead of short tail keywords. 

11. Always use a slightly modified keyword as alt text with an image. 

12. Always use an image. 

13. Emphasize on value and content rather than a hard sale, sometimes, that is. You can bring to your landing page and sell. 

14. Always use Facebook, Twitter etc to spread and popularize your articles. 

15. Golden Rule - Articles must be informative and valuable and not meant for a sale. The sale should be based on a combination of buyer keywords and your author box with a link to your squeeze page or landing page. The article should only be there to represent you as an authority and form a brand along with brining targeted traffic and back links as well :)


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